As we age we find ourselves faced with the delicate moment menopause treatment. There are many changes that we begin to perceive in our body, this will be helpful to keep a proper training, that can help us throughout the day, finding a great spa. There are in fact some very useful sport that can help us deal better this time, drawing great benefits in terms of aerodynamic and psychosomatic. But let’s see what are the most recommended to follow.

Playing sports is always a panacea for women of every age. In the period of menopause happen, however, warn of some ailment in more and a little ‘of exhaustion. absolutely be necessary to intervene with the healthy activity physics.
Numerous scientific studies have shown how some sports, performed at this particular stage, can help us to fight and to avoid the occurrence of certain diseases. With the decline of estrogen, the female will be found in fact to be more prone to hypertension, osteoporosis, or to weight gain and cholesterol that can affect our heart. That’s why one of the sports most recommended, and more feasible to perform, is the simple stroke.


But even a normal walk, at a brisk pace, 20 or 30 minutes a day can already be very healthy and make its benefits .
Such aerobic activities can also prevent the risk of stroke or heart attack. ‘s why do not forget, every so, to make even a bike ride, this will only keep our good cardiovascular.

And if we still feel fit and we can follow the most demanding sports, one of these can only be swimming; the sport par excellence who brings many benefits. It will be important to apply it at least twice a week or even three if we feel fit. Working at the pool is always the perfect place to combine wellness and fun, which never hurts. If we are lovers of the mountain, we can devote ourselves to cross-country, do not overdo it of course. Finally, it may be useful to store for a little free time for ourselves and dedicate ourselves to the simple gymnastic exercises, yoga or dance lessons. These will be great for fighting mood swings and find our welfare psycho motor.