Avoiding stress is recommended in many cases of anxiety, nervousness, cardiovascular disease. However, a moderate stress is beneficial.

The general idea is that stress is a key factor in many of the diseases of modern life. Social stress in work or school is considered the cause of many evils. However, other studies show us that moderate stress serves to make our body and mind alert and be better prepared against future trouble. The famous science writer, Eduardo Pun set, in his television, networks , and had tried stress in its many facets. But more significant was the state that some stress, the minimum needed to deal with a problem, improving the immune system of the person and thus the possibility of solving major problems and increase life expectancy.

Stress can help improve cancer treatments

Unlike what was previously thought, the patient has cancer associate with a situation of fear and anxiety that forced the patient away from any stressful situation, recent studies emphasize the value of stress moderate, a series of physical stimuli, social and mental stress generates a mild and can slow the growth of cancer, helping in the effectiveness of the treatments.

The researcher in biochemistry and physiology, Monica Source in the program Eduardo Pun set networks, so argued: “what is stressful for one person may not be stressful for another. Then what is clear is that stress is necessary. Life is stress, then stress is annular die. Having small stresses that make your body generate more defenses and then you’re ready to live, you’re more prepared to defend a strong stress “.


The controlled stress live help

Professor Pun set researcher reminded the results of an experiment with mice. In the mice that the “stress” of being in a new maze to find the exit and piece of cheese motivated them, often live longer and react to conditions experienced improvement in them. In contrast, mice that were overwhelmed and suffered too much novelty of being in a maze than the usual, and died before reacting to the worst form of medical experiments.

Therefore, in one group of mice submitted stressful stimuli and was found full of fighting against tumors better than those that were relaxed. These tests followed the same line of research led by Ohio State University, the Arthur G. Cancer Hospital James and Richard J. Research Institute Solute, who proved such an environment with social and physical stimuli activates a circuit of the nervous system by which the brain achieves better communicate with adipose tissue, facilitating the alert against tumors.