Tired of having a stuffy nose? Trouble sleeping, not eating and suddenly be in a bad mood? Test our natural 8 tips to clear your airways in a few minutes!

Why the nose mouth when you have a cold?

The nasal cavity and sinuses are lined with a mucous membrane that secretes a liquid continuously. When cold virus attaches to the mucosa, it is irritated, swells and increases its secretion into the liquid so that the nose runs. The liquid is flowing clear first then often becomes thick and purulent within a few days. It is at this point that the nose mouth!

Breathe peppermint

Your nose is clogged? Run quickly buy the essential oil of peppermint. Extracted from the flowers of the plant, it is recognized by the European Medicines Agency as a treatment of colds. Practically: To decongestant the airways, mint essential oil can be used in inhalation at 3 to 4 drops in a bowl of hot water. Inhalation must not exceed 15 minutes and must be taken to keep your eyes closed when you look at the top of the bowl. Precautions: The essential oil of peppermint should never be used in children under 6 years. If in doubt, ask a pharmacist specialized.

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Take a thyme tea

The thyme is a very good disinfectant respiratory explains Dr. Jean-Loup Derv aux ENT. Therefore it is recommended to take when we took the nose! Practical: In tea: Boil the equivalent of a cup of water. Turn off the heat and throw in water 1 to 2 g of dried plant. Leave to infuse for ten minutes and drink 3 cups a day with a bit of thyme honey. Do not exceed 3 weeks taken. Or By inhalation: A drop of diluted essential oil of thyme in a bowl of hot water. Inhale for 15 minutes. Precautions: The thyme preparations should be avoided in case of allergy to plants of the family Labial (risk of cross-reactivity). The essential oil of thyme is cons-indicated in pregnancy, nursing and young children. If the cold persists for more than a week or if accompanied by fever, consult a doctor.

Homeopathy anti stuffy nose!

Homeopathy also offers solutions to unblock the nose. Practically: Dr. Alain Horvilleur, homeopathy specialist, recommends taking Nux Vomica 9CH if the nose is stuffy and runny night the day. if nose is stuffy and dry there sniffles. The dose is 3 pellets 3 times a day. If the cold persists for more than a week or if accompanied by fever, consult a doctor.

Of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief

Thanks to its essential oil, the eucalyptus is a natural remedy against the major respiratory diseases. The major component of its essence, 1,8 cine ole, allows it to act directly on the airway, says Christine, pharmacist. Practically: Place a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus radiate in bowl of hot water or directly on a handkerchief and inhale the vapors deeply for 5 minutes. Repeat this process 1-2 times a day. Or By inhalation room: put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl and let it circulate hot in the room. Precautions: The essential oil of Eucalyptus radiate is recommended without medical advice to pregnant women or nursing, and in children under 6 years (risk of pharyngeal spasm), even inhalation atmosphere. If the cold persists for more than a week or if s’ accompanied by fever, consult a doctor.

Ask a poultice of mustard on the chest

Because it contains tyrosine and sinigrin, mustard is a good remedy to unclog the nose. These substances act in effect thinning mucus and facilitate its removal. Practically: Crush a few tablespoons of seeds of mustard and mix with a cup of flour and a little water. Spread a layer of Vaseline on the chest and place the poultice made ​​of mustard. Allow up to 15 minutes to apply (otherwise risk of burns). Or Add some mustard seeds in water bath. Precautions: Wash hands after handling the mustard. If the cold persists for more than a week or s it is accompanied by fever, consult a doctor.