Smoking is one of the oldest traditions of mankind.

Probably people discovered millennial ago, on the evening as they sat together cozy crackling fire, the irresistible charm emanating from the incense of various woods and branches. Over time, the smoking was then further developed in various cultures into a fine art. It was discovered more and more plants whose resins, barks, leaves, roots or flowers are suitable to fill with smoke.

They burned incense to honor the gods, keep evil spirits or just to enjoy the ascending fragrance. Soon they discovered the healing effects of various incenses on body and soul: Thus, for example, incenses are an important part of Chinese, Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine. In local regions enjoys the smoking more and more popular. The desire to “get out of the everyday”, to relax and to find himself, is met by fumigation. Just the activity of smoking, the smell and the observation of the rising clouds of smoke come inside and have a off to rest, have a pleasant, relaxing and instill a sense of security.


In addition, incense also serve many practical and medicinal purposes. You can use it to disinfect rooms, clean the air, scare away annoying insects and relieve numerous ailments and diseases. There is incense and mixtures of mediation, to stimulate creativity, for the dream-work, to solve problems, to improve the contact with nature and his fellow man, and much more.


Be smoky herbs and shrubs such as sage, cedar or juniper. But the dried resin of various trees is smoky. The best-known resins are olibanum (incense), c opal and myrrh. The incense glows when smoked on charcoal or a special incense warmer. Some examples of incense and their effects are listed below:

* Lavender cleans and disinfects
* Benzine creates a pleasant atmosphere
* C opal is protective, clarifying and brightening
* Mint is refreshing and cleansing
* Mug wort has a cleansing and protective
* Elecampane cleans and brings sunshine into the heart
* St. John’s Wort affects mood enhancing and relaxing
* Sage is cleansing and improving concentration
* Thyme and rosemary have a cleansing effect and have a positive effect on the bronchi
* Melissa reassured

In addition to use in rituals incenses are also used to relieve symptoms such as headaches, colds or insect repellent.

Smoking in traditional Chinese medicine

When dried mug wort moxibustion is smoky. This is done through specific acupuncture points. The moxibustion to warm up and stimulate the flow of energy. It is used for colds and exhaustion after a long illness.

Smoking in Christianity

In the Catholic Church is smoky incense during Mass and processions.