This illicit drugs can double the risk of stroke in young consumers and older, according to a New Zealander.

According to research by the University of Auckland (New Zealand), smoking marijuana may be associated with an increased risk of stroke. The study data were presented at the International Stroke Conference of the American Stroke Association.

Marijuana: its use can double the risk of stroke in young adults

A new study presented at the International Stroke Conference, organized by the American Stroke Association, reveals that marijuana use can double the risk of stroke in young adults. Smoking marijuana may be associated with an increased risk of stroke (CVA). young adults, as evidenced this new research by the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Researchers say marijuana can double the chances of young consumers and older suffer from some type of accident cardiovascular .

Stroke is a condition caused by the loss of cerebral blood flow (ischemic). LCAs are increasingly affecting young people, according to international scientific studies, increasing the proportion of individuals with the disease between 20 and 54 years. Leaving aside the heavy drinkers, who have a risk of stroke earlier, was already known that people who are smokers and have already had a stroke, have an increased risk of stroke, heart attack or death that those who have never smoked, according to a study by Australian researchers.


A Canadian study has also determined that strokes occur most prevalence of smokers with a twofold risk compared with individuals who do not consume snuff. This is the first case-control study that showed a possible link between cannabis use and increased risk of stroke, “says Dr. Alan P. Barber, author of the recent New Zealand Work and professor of clinical neurology at the University of Auckland, in remarks published on the website of University of the patients on 6 February 2013. Despite being an illegal substance, cannabis has been considered by society as a relatively safe drug, laments the researcher.

The commonly used illegal drug in the world

Marijuana is classified as a soft drug. It is considered a hallucinogenic drugs, the capacity to alter the perception. Experts say this illegal drug is the most consumed in the world, in remarks published on the website of Europa Press on 6 February 2013. In fact, marijuana is the illicit drug most often abused in the United States. The famous singer and actress Milye Cyrus, 20, with many young fans worldwide, is in the news these days and criticized by animal advocates after herself up a photo on social networks in the who sees Milye Cyrus smoking pot next to your puppy .

Inaccurate results added by snuff consumption

To get to this evidence, the researchers analyzed in the study 160 patients who had suffered ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack, aged between 18 and 55 years. Of these, 16% tested positive for drugs, and 8.1% had cannabis in his urine. These patients generally had no other vascular risk factors other than the consumption of snuff, alcohol and drugs, “Barber explains that, in turn, exposes data from previous studies which illustrated that ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack develop hours after consumption of cannabis.

Health risks for cannabis

Marijuana smoking harms health. A study published in the journal PNAS in August 2012 and found that smoking marijuana causes mental deficits adolescence. According to the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, smoking marijuana since age 11 cause lasting damage in the intellect, memory and attention span. In addition, cannabis use increases the risk of heart attack and risk of depression in people with genetic vulnerability, among other diseases.