The smile, beyond what we know and perceive, influences our physical and mental state, making us feel better.

To smile about 17 flex muscles that involve areas of the mouth and even eyes. The smile, according to several studies, reflects the stimulus and are born with it, it is a learned response. Regardless of the culture in which a living person, the smile is an innate gesture usually expressed pleasure or joy, but can also be an expression of anger, irony and even anxiety.


Endorphins and welfare

Endorphins are substances produced by the brain, capable of alleviating the physical and emotional pain, and contribute to large welfare states, during and after the laughter produced. In many countries hospitals practiced medicine smile to treat patients with depression and even those who experience fear before an operation. The creator of the laughter therapy was Patch Adams, Who used laughter as a therapeutic means, and today is applied as a treatment.

Scientifically sound data about the smile

As we know, we are born knowing smile. Moreover, scientific studies have documented that human beings began to laugh and from the uterus. Also, adding numbers to these studies, we can indicate that the brain takes only 0.01 seconds to process a situation that produces a smile.

Unquestionable benefits of a good laugh

Laughter is not only a good massage for the face, but also to the stomach. After laughing out loud, the muscles relax and strengthen. Similarly, a smile a profound effect on mood, promoting the good humorAs well as being more receptive and positive.

The power of a smile

Addition to finding that smiling is a learned behavior and is highly beneficial to health We can add that it is the best letter. Unconscious as the magnet is speaking of ourselves and to help improve relationships. Faced with a smile at the right time, no one can resist. If we conclude that smiling is free and it is the universal language, we understand that laughter should grow almost as a way of life, which should experience a lot more often than we used to. If you smile a habit, we will see improved not only our mood and health, but also of those around us.