As a nutritional study, the technician shows health insurance from 30.05.2013, most diets fail in the yo-yo effect. What can you do about it?

To be thin, is for most people a desirable goal, because thinness is associated with attractiveness and health. What could be better than to achieve his dream weight with a diet? But as easy as newspapers, magazines and advertising gladly suggest it is not to reduce the weight permanently. Like now a new study by the technician shows health insurance, six out of ten dieters fail the so-called yo-yo effect. Shortly after the diet they weighed as much as before, sometimes even more.

Help expensive miracle cure for weight loss?

As the current nutritional study of technicians insurance “Eat something, Germany?” Shows will just lose 47 percent almost one in two women and 23 percent every fourth man permanently on weight. Contrary to the generous promises of advertising that alleged against a lot of money panacea will bring weight loss to the man or the woman, most diets but have little success in six of ten dieters the dreaded yo-yo effect makes all efforts to destroy the result:.. According to the diet, the weight is often higher than before.


As Nicole Battenfeld, the nutrition expert technicians insurance explained, the Germans favor three methods for losing weight: the famous FdH method, so much to eat only half, count calories or a reducing diet in which certain foods such as pineapple or cabbage be eaten . All these methods, however, show only briefly successful. How Battenfeld pointed out, the organism runs in a one-sided or very low calorie diet on the back burner. Is the diet then stopped, most people quickly fall back into their old eating habits. The result is that the body is then amplified energy reserves invests, which are reflected as extra pounds on the hips. This process is called yo-yo effect.

A permanent change of diet is better than any one-sided diet

By trying to change their diet permanently failed 36 percent. The reason for this lack of stamina was specified. A diet requires a lot of discipline. Not everyone can afford this. Nicole Battenfeld therefore advises to tell the family and friends of his diet plan to get outside support or maybe even find allies for the diet. By small rewards like a massage or a CD you can also promote your own motivation. Essential in any diet is a fundamental and permanent change of diet. What is most whole grains and healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s a diet is not necessarily any less, but eating the right thing. At least 47 percent of all Germans, the method of diet work permanently.