The question of what is the best sleeping position is not so easy to answer. It is important to fit the mattress and pillow sleeping position.

Young people can usually sleep anywhere. Who does not remember how, as a teenager in the camp on the floor or on a sofa bed slept excellently. With age, it is hard to imagine. Most people are suffering from more or less severe back pain or neck strain . A good mattress and especially suitable individual is very important in order to relieve the spine during sleep. However, when choosing the right mattress plays a role in the sleep position.

What is the best sleeping position?

Most people sleep on my side with your knees bent slightly, so to speak, on their side. This sleeping position is referred by orthopedic surgeons to be optimal. However you should make as a side sleeper that you choose the right pillow size. Throat and neck should form a straight line. Very useful is also a second pillow between the knees. Thus, the hips are slightly raised, so that the pressure is reduced to the sciatic nerve. The pillow between the knees is recommended especially for people who suffer from disc problems in the lumbar region. For side sleepers a mattress with at least three, preferably five zones is ideal. The mattress is too hard and does not give in the shoulder area, pressure pain and muscle tension can be the result. Even in the hip the mattress should give slightly another and yet supportive. A too soft mattress can also cause back pain in the lumbar area, like a firm mattress too.


The keep back sleepers

Approx. 18% of people sleep on their backs. The supine position is not often considered optimal sleeping position , denoted by the right mattress and pillow can be appropriate but also in supine sleep very well. The mattress is too hard, the buttocks not sink far enough and there will be a kink in the spine. By the bad posture back pain is inevitable. For back sleepers, in principle, the same mattress is recommended, as for side sleepers, namely a point-elastic mattress with multiple zones. Furthermore, we recommend a slatted frame with back support and resources of tension.

Even the pillow when sleeping on your back is playing a major role. It should be neither too shallow nor too high. The commercially available pillows are not bad in principle, but often far too high, especially for women. Better is a cervical pillow with removable elements, which can be individually adjusted. As for the sleeping position on the side of the neck in the supine position should be perfectly straight.

The right mattress for stomach sleepers

Prone sleeping position is generally considered unfavorable because they burdened with a soft mattress to the lumbar spine strong. Approx. 13% of people sleep on your stomach, women more often than men. Although the prone position is the best sleeping position is not necessarily the most stomach sleepers can sleep well in any other sleeping position. Since it today mattresses available for every sleep position, stomach sleepers must not wean their sleeping position. The important thing is to choose a rather firmer, harder mattress. Meanwhile, the commercial even called stomach sleepers mattresses are available that support the lumbar spine specifically. Those who sleep on their stomachs need not really a pillow. The hyperextension of the cervical spine is to be avoided, therefore, is for stomach sleepers, if at all, at most recommended a very flat, soft pillow.