Skin cancer is a disease that occurs by the development of cancerous cells in any of the layers of the skin.

Some of the factors that contribute to the emergence of this disease are repeated sunburn or exposure to UV rays in the long term. In nine out of ten cases, the Sun is the main cause of skin cancer.

Some symptoms

Referred to as the most serious type of skin cancer melanoma. Usually the first symptom of a melanoma is a change in the shape, color or texture of a mole. As in the majority of cases the melanomas are not painful, many people do not attend medical consultation, which means the progress of the disease. Melanoma can also appear as a new mole that can be black or abnormal. Melanoma diagnosed in time is treatable and curable. But if a melanoma is not excised in its initial stages, cancerous cells grow inward invading healthy tissues; which could lead to a metastasis. Some doctors use the ABCD rule so that their patients can differentiate a common mole from melanoma:

* Asymmetry: If half of a Mole is not equal to the other half
* Rims: the edges are irregular or uneven
* Color: many times the color is uneven and may vary between black tones, cinnamon and coffee
* Diameter: they tend to become larger

Usually in men, melanoma usually occurs on the trunk and the region of the head or neck; While in women it appears in arms and legs.


Healthy habits

People with very white skin that always reddening and never Tan, and people who have large numbers of moles are greater risk of suffering from this disease. However, some habits can be critical at the time of preventing skin cancer:

* Beware of the Sun throughout the year, especially avoid exposure at risk (10 to 16 hs) schedule
• Use sunscreen according to your skin color: sunscreen should be applied half an hour before exposing yourself to the Sun and must be renewed every two hours.
** Infants less than a year should not be exposed to the Sun
** The use of tanning beds is not recommended
* Get a skin self-examination once a month
* Become a medical checkup at least twice a year

It is essential to be aware that an early consultation with the doctor can contribute to the treatment of this disease and to improve the quality of life of the patient, therefore.