The fact is very difficult to start a diet and able to overcome the urge to come to eat just does not do well for the diet.

It is very common for women to start a diet strictly, then leave a few days because the desire for sweets, fats, and other things that contribute to weight gain, manage to overcome them. The predisposition is one of the most important things when proposed the goal of losing those kilos are more, but the hunger and desire to eat the forbidden trump the will. Throughout life, women do many diets, of which a considerable percentage of them are abandoned by causes such as carelessness, lack of will or because you do not get the expected result in the proposed time frame. When making the decision to go on a diet, it is first advisable to consult a specialist in nutrition , so you can focus on what the best diet and whether you really need to do it. Very few women resort to this, as most just start dieting disordered or one that found on the Internet , books or magazines to try his luck.

Before starting the diet

As has chosen not to consult a specialist, but will own initiative, the first thing to do is to prepare psychologically for what lies ahead, it will not be easy to change eating habits for a while. It’s a natural human tendency to desire what is forbidden, why it should be clear that at the time of starting the diet exist like eating these distressing precisely what should not be eaten. A low level of glucose in the blood caused by eating too little can also be the cause of uncontrollable hunger at odd times, so it is recommended to eat three times a day.


It is necessary even before starting the diet, buy only the things that will be used in it and have them in the refrigerator, so it’s easier to avoid temptation when you are in the regime. It is an important practical step on the scale and record the initial weight, take measurements, proved as much clothing as possible and separate one that is too tight or definitely not be, in order to keep track and know how much weight is being lost, if it is working or not diet and if it is something to change. It would also be good to establish one day start and end one day, and plan on paper what you will do. It will be more encouraging to know that we must reach a goal on a given day.

When a diet

Weight controls to be carried every week and taking action and proven garment that initially were not.It will be normal for the system come with thoughts of food high in fat such as hamburgers, pizza, desserts, among others, and this product will compulsive hunger. When you feel like eating something sweet, you must be prepared before a bowl of jelly , to make that desire for something sweet with a good portion of it. Gelatin gives the feeling of fullness because of its high liquid content.

If you feel desire for sweets stronger as a dessert or a cake, take a piece of ice and suck on it, imagining that you’re eating what you want. For uncontrollable hunger, you should eat something light like fruit and then take a couple of glasses of water at room temperature to maintain the feeling of satiety. The idea is to stop eating when you touch it, so another thing that will reduce hunger will have breakfast and lunch according to diet and portions (not unreasonably, or very little) and slightly light snack. If you feel like eating chocolate , a small bar of it will be necessary to consume and thus maintain adequate blood sugar. It’s all aim at the target, track controls and deprived of everything because that would be counterproductive and is the main reason for failure in 90% of the diets that went wrong.