Anti cellulite creams are often expensive and not necessarily effective. What really helps against cellulite?

Basically, cellulite naturally and those who can remember the old master paintings look sees that firm skin was not always applicable ideal of beauty. With cosmetic products is now made ​​much money. Most women, however, after treatment with cellulite creams rather their money go as the unloved orange peel. What really helps against cellulite?

Not every woman suffers from cellulite. The slope of the unsightly dimples on thighs is innate unfortunately to a large extent. Women with this problem should be aware that their supposedly “weak connective tissue” is actually a strength. Because of pregnancy, it is extremely important that the skin can stretch. It’s just annoying, if not the pregnant belly to stretch the skin leads, but bulging fat cells which are then visible as bumps under the skin and knobby. But against cellulite is so much herb grown and there are many different cellulite treatments . Who does not want to accept it, so it can certainly do something about cellulite.

Slimming helps combat cellulite?

That cellulite concerns only fat women is a common mistake. Even slim women can be affected, and there are many chubby women who can look forward to plump, firm skin. In principle, however, that in the corresponding inclination cellulite worsened with the amount of fat cells. If a slim woman suffers with weak connective tissue under light cellulite, this is probably worse, if it increases. Conversely, can improve a cellulite by a slow, sensible weight loss, of course, that the woman in question is severely overweight.


Combat cellulite with sport

Sport is one of the most effective weapons against cellulite. It is mainly a combination of strength and endurance training has been proven. By the movement will improve blood circulation and lymph flow is stimulated. If the muscles of the legs and buttocks strengthened, also improves the visual appearance. Finally burn muscles active body fat. However, one must not necessarily lifting weights to strengthen the muscles. Even sports such as cycling, running and swimming are very effective. In addition, it can help even to incorporate more movement into everyday life. Who’s going to walk more often and prefer stairs to the elevator, also does the leg and gluteal a favor.

Cellulite which is funded?

In addition to genetic predisposition contribute to various other factors for the development of cellulite. In causing hormones play a major role. Estrogen in women can increase the fat cells. Birth control pills with high estrogen content can promote the formation of cellulite. An important measure for the prevention of cellulite is therefore to refrain from such pills. In addition to hormone-free birth control methods and the low-dose, modern micro pills or mini pills are an alternative.

Salt baths and coffee for cellulite

Even nature has some effective means available to combat cellulite. The salt from the Dead Sea to have a detectable firming effect on the skin. An attempt is definitely worth, after all, the sea salt much cheaper than expensive anti-cellulite creams. It can be given either as bath salts in the bath or used as a scrub. The dosage for a full bath is about a cup of sea salt, unless otherwise stated on the package. A scrub with salt from the Dead Sea stimulates circulation to the skin. One can easily perform in the shower. This one takes a bit of salt into the hands and rubs the affected, previously damp areas, so in massaging movements. The salt burns on the skin and it can also cause redness, but this is even desirable. In many anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine, which is also to promote blood circulation. You can also add a little salt to the coffee, the caffeine contained is poorly absorbed by the skin.

Brush massages and cold showers for cellulite

All measures which promote the circulation of the skin can have a positive effect on cellulite. This includes massage with a brush or with a special massage device. Cold showers also have a tissue-fixing effect, one may expect, however, from these simple measures do not wonder. They are especially effective when used together and in addition to sports and possibly a reduction in weight.