Many shampoos and other hair care products contain silicone. What is that and for what types of hair is good, or is it generally harmful?

Meanwhile, some companies advertise that their products are free of silicon, as has since been much reported that silicone is harmful for the hair. But that is about? Is there perhaps even certain hair types, for it is even good?

What are Silicons?

When silicons are fatty substances (lipids), but these are artificially derived from petroleum. In a natural way you can not be won and will not break down from the environment. Besides this silicone oil silicone wax can also be obtained.

Why did you apply to hair care products?

The advantage of silicons is that the hair look healthy after application (as well as recruit some shampoo manufacturer with the statement that the products for healthy looking hair would). However, that is precisely the problem point: The hair in from healthy – but they’re not necessarily. The material covered the hair, making it shiny beautiful, smooth appear (this also to comb better) and also split ends can actually stick. Thus, the fall damage to existing hair or only a little. Positive voices say, however, that silicone is ideal to ensure that your hair does not aufribbelt and so prevents further break. Especially with the water-soluble variant which is a great advantage.


For non-water soluble silicons yet another problem arises: The silicons remain fixed in the hair and by the re-application of such products, the layer surrounding the hair thicker. This makes the hair sometime very hard and seem powerless. Since then, no further care more gets to the hair, the hair can dry out despite moisturizer and always be broken – without it being noticed. Pleasant here are water-soluble silicons do not overlap.

When using such shampoos, this ingredient is of course also on the scalp and can affect this. As often is the oxygen regulation and affected by the film can lead to skin irritation, dandruff or itching. After discontinuation of the products, which can relatively quickly return to normal.

What it is with a foster change look out for?

If you want to change your hair, which is relatively simple. Pay close attention to the ingredients in products. Silicone usually have the suffix “-cone”, which they are easy to spot. Many manufacturers have now switched to products without this ingredient. To make it easier, you can also resort to natural cosmetic products, as this is illegal in this ingredient.

But remember in the reorganization of care, that way you can initially get the feeling that your hair go only by broken. This is then not at the new care, but because the hair damages that were previously available are now visible. To remove the material once can help a deep cleansing shampoo. Many even silicons (are washed out to all it takes some time but mostly) removed. If you are not sure, you can also search the Internet which products are good or ill. Help, for example, the cosmetic check or check code.


If you have very damaged hair, it can make perfect sense to rely on short-term products with this synthetic material, so the time until you go to the hairdresser is bypassed and your hair look healthy until then some moderation. In the long term however it makes to use products without this substance. Not least because the non-water-soluble variants leave residues in water, which are difficult or impossible and filter by nature can not be broken.