Often the abdomen is the most difficult to reduce and people try to do many things, but to no avail.

Having a good figure Beauty meets social parameters, both women and men. Some vanity, accompanied social weight makes everyone want to achieve that desired figure. For some people it is very difficult to reduce the abdomen and even harder to shape the waist. There are women who have a waist circumference by turning to cosmetic surgery , which is expensive, painful, dangerous and often do not leave the result.To reduce these measures not only in the abdomen just do abdominal exercises and is a combination of several practices and sacrifices, especially in older people, which is more complicated than lower achieving these measures.

Forget overeating

The idea is to reduce the stomach to do what is necessary on the inside. You have to have a good breakfast, without going over calories and lunch properly. If the person has been accustomed to overeat or between meals, you have to forget about that completely. In case you get hungry you can perform simple tricks to overcome it . If you want to eat in the evening, it should be after eight and the food must be very light. A sandwich, a shake or anything else with little input in calories and carbohydrates would be better.


Care must be taken to eat little rice, bread, chips, pasta and noodles and replace all for lighter foods like vegetables, fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, chicken, beef and fish. Avoid eating gluttony, because we have to eat just enough to be satisfied and not too full because it widens the stomach. You can consider this as a strict diet, because the idea is to stop overeating and avoid foods that contribute to increased abdominal part.

Get some exercise

For that flabby belly pregnancy or for any other reason, a daily routine is ideal abs. Not only should you do abs consisting up and down, but to look for abdominal exercises for high, medium and low for and reduce and tighten the stomach. A bit of movement to sweating and a sash or plastic around the back so that the fat begins to burn with the heat it produces.

To reduce the waist measures

Sometimes the texture makes some women do not have that characteristic curve defining the waist and makes you look molded, but all is not lost, because with some work you can achieve a thin waist and broken. Waist exercises consist of moving from one place to another and if a machine, much better. This not only shapes the waist, but you gain agility, skill and a little more flexibility.

You can also set a thick leather belt, so that the waist a little squeeze. Notably, the belt must not be so tight, just a little time and should be worn directly on the skin, is about three hours, no more. It is important not to sleep with a seat belt, or spend the amount of hours a day, nor tighten too much because it could cause health problems. Always remember that no miracle diets, exercises immediate and magical practices to achieve good results, because all you get with effort and perseverance and will. You have to have perseverance, determination and patience, as the results will not be seen in one, two or three weeks, but will be the result of a constant and even somewhat long, but 100% effective if followed as it should be.