Sex addiction, also known as hypersexuality or satyriasis, is a personality disorder is increasingly seen in psychology.

It is not uncommon for someone to talk openly about sex addiction. All addictions are usually carried in secret. And in the hypothetical case that someone threw the ring in a conversation, is likely to be faced with partners that would not make them understand that we are talking about an addiction, and therefore, a matter that affects in a very negative in the life of a person. Equally likely to take it lightly, if not with scorn. Who else and who is a bit less sex addict, think more than one.


All addictions are harmful, but there are more complex than others. Despite the difficulties and the inner struggle involved, everyone understands that an alcoholic can stop drinking the game. However, a bulimic can not stop eating, nor a sex addict do without it altogether. Technically yes, but would like to go from one extreme to another without going through the problem solution.

Recognize sex addiction

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, in its new edition (DSM V), Collects for the first time sex addiction clinic under their names hypersexuality disorder. This reference manual for psychiatry as a world defined by obsessive compulsive disorder. Sufferers are unable to control their thoughts or their repetitive acts, which they knew very well those affected, who have been waiting a long time this inclusion. In the words of the eminent psychiatrist Rojas Marcos “Any kind of obsession that interferes with the ability of the person to lead a normal life, which hurt them in their personal and work relationships, is a pathology.
No less a problem. According to figures that manage sexologists, sex addiction affects 6% of the population. Perhaps one might think that the figure is not very high, but considering that this 6% translates into 18 million people in the U.S., about 3 in Spain, 2.5 in Argentina and 7 in Mexico, the problem does not seem so minor.

Symptoms of sex addiction

When you exceed the limit? At this point there is much misinformation. You can take an active sex life and still not be considered addicted. Where is the difference then? The person who is sexually active is satisfied with itself, which does not happen with the addict. This lack of control over his actions despite his conduct entailing negative feelings. The addict, as time passes, requires more stimulation to satisfy their growing need. As with addictions, calm achieved only momentary and immediately returns the void, if anything, more strongly, generating a self-destructive cycle which is no easy exit. Sex addicts are heavy users of pornography in all its variants, compulsive resort to masturbation as well as ongoing one-night events, with either known or through prostitution. When all these activities invade and override other fields, the answer can only be one: addiction is a fact.

Treatment of sex addiction

As with addictions and all kinds of conflict situations, the first step toward healing is becoming aware that the problem is real and deeply affects and interferes in daily activity. Besides the recognition and the will, which is important but not sufficient, we must seek support from professionals and, above all, of the support groups they are based, in this case, the known twelve-step of “Alcoholics Anonymous” adapted to the sexual problem. Today there is a lack of specialized centers that deal with sex addiction, however in Spain are “Sexaholics Anonymous”,” A.S.A.A. ” in Latin America, or “Sexaholics anonimous”In America. Also the forums can be found on the net can be a first step in breaking the silence and find the support needed to advance in solving the problem.

Overcoming sex addiction

A person who turns in a compulsive sex is wrong someone looking to fill his solitude with companies and activities that end up generating more loneliness. This existential void can not be filled with external, but internal. The twelve-step ideology seeks to unify philosophies and beliefs of all types to focus on what has been called “higher power” and that everyone plays by his own convictions. Can be identified with God or a power that comes from within and is shared and strengthens the unity of the group. In the background is not important belief in itself, but the strength that derives from it, and the self-confidence that makes it possible to overcome those obstacles that once seemed insurmountable. The door of hope is always there for anyone who wants to open it.