Period pains Most women know that. What can not, except for a pain pill to help with this condition?

Almost every woman suffers regularly with period pain. Some firms are playing appropriate painkillers and other turn, put a hot water bottle on your stomach. But few know that this can be of assistance to women suffering an aromatherapy massage. This can be relieved not only pain, but they give the woman in this time and general physical and mental wellbeing moments. Spasmodic abdominal pain over a period before and during menstruation can with the help of self-massage provide relief for the stomach. Some women are freed completely even by an abdominal massage from this pain. An aromatherapy massage is also beneficial during the menopause, relieves pain and improves circulation.

Preparing for an aromatherapy massage for menstrual pains

An abdominal massage is more effective when it is done lying down. So first and foremost should be a reasonable place that is comfortable and warm, to be elected. If the choice falls on the floor, for example, it is recommended if there is spread a fluffy blanket, to provide them with a pillow, so that it does during the abdominal massage the head in a comfortable position. Furthermore, should relax the abdomen and pelvis. To achieve this, a towel tube can be placed under the knees. Better yet is to hang up the lower leg to a low chair, stool or chair, as this has an even beneficial effect on the muscles in the abdomen. Moreover, in each case, comfortable clothes for an abdominal massage while lying down to take in order to avoid a sense of lack of mobility and pinching all over. Still missing a massage oil, its application is a antispasmodic and analgesic effects obtained with menstrual pain.


The right abdominal massage to period pains to say goodbye

Are the preparations complete, it comes at the right massage movements with much feeling. For this later in a step-by-step instructions:

1. Lie down on your prepared space.
2. They dribble a bit of the selected massage oil to your palms and rub this in his hands.
3. Spread the oil from your hands on your stomach. You should choose the direction from left to right.
4. Place your hands flat on your stomach and make you long for at least 5 minutes empathetic circular motions with slight pressure, again from left to right. Gently massage until you feel an improvement in pain.
5. At the end of the abdomen, it is advisable to shoot down the self-massage to delicate manner. For this purpose, you can cross out the palms evenly with about 3-4 broad circular movements to your stomach.

An aromatherapy massage for the abdomen but may also relieve symptoms such as sometimes many other digestive problems, emotional stress or equivalent.