With the alternation of winter and spring, many people are faced with a common enemy: the seasonal allergies. Among the most obvious are the pollen allergies. One problem that can become debilitating in extreme cases. The symptoms are known, such as nasal congestion, rhinitis, the coughing, the sneezing or itchy skin rashes. Is normally used in pharmaceutical remedies, or is herbalists help in mild cases. But we can make life easier for our body’s healing power. In fact, there are foods to avoid because they are able to trigger allergic reactions disparate. Let us see what are these foods.

seasonal allergies

If you are a victim of seasonal allergies, you probably of symptoms affecting the mouth. Burning, itching or swelling of the lips may indicate an oral allergy syndrome. According to statistics, this happens to 25% of allergy sufferers. It happens mostly after consuming foods such as fruits or vegetables. Sometimes the symptoms can also lead to anaphylactic shock. This is because certain foods have a similar chemical structure to the substances that cause allergies. L ‘ allergy to grass, for example, is very common. Among the foods with similar chemical structure we kiwis, tomatoes, melons and other citrus fruits. And again, peaches, apricots, cherries and watermelons.

The allergic to birch pollen should avoid apples and pears, as well as carrots and celery. Discouraged even the fennel and parsley. Avoid dried fruits, such as plums, bananas, loquats, strawberries and raspberries. The allergies to composite may erupt due to other plants, such as chicory, endive, artichoke, chicory or chamomile. Avoid chestnuts, pumpkin and lettuce, common. In this case you need to avoid even the sunflower oil (and its seeds). So be careful what you use for frying.

If you are allergic to the Urticaria like Pretoria, stay away from peas, beans, soya and pistachio. Avoid for a while even the zucchini and cucumbers. Also avoid some herbs, such as basil and nettle, and potatoes. As for the ragweed allergy should avoid all foods advised against so far. To these we add cabbage , cabbage and turnips and broccoli. Normally, fruit and vegetables are essential to good nutrition. But during the change of season should suspend the consumer to prevent allergies is causing them.