Secure Information System’s CEO and founder Sanjay Patil believes that the healthcare industry is in desperate need of reform. Despite spending over one trillion dollars annually, medical facilities lack the record keeping technology they need to optimize patient care. Because of this, mortality rates in the United States are nearly double what they should be. Additionally, the average cost of treatment is significantly higher than it would be if medical errors weren’t present. In order to solve these pressing issues, Dr. Sanjay Patil proposes that facilities that still rely on paper records transition over to electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Unfortunately, most medical facilities lack internal staff members capable of successfully upgrading or archiving their data management system. That’s why more and more facilities seek the assistance of a team that deals exclusively in clinical networking solutions, such as Dr. Sanjay Patil and Secure Information Systems (SIS).

SIS’s offered services were designed with the diversified and changing needs of physicians, hospitals and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) in mind. Its Professional Services Group focuses primarily on electronic health record information resources, and has proven to be a leader in the field. With a combined 115 years of experience in the clinical healthcare and information technology industries, each member of the group receives rigorous Epic onsite training at Epic’s headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. From there, they complete the training and certification process and are enlisted in SIS’s Epic Consultant Boot Camp. After their intensive training is complete, the consultants become members of Sanjay Patil’s team.

Sanjay Patil MD’s Professional Services group is capable of fulfilling a multitude of roles, including report writing, project management, programming and live support. The team will make itself available to any facility in the nation and is willing to work on a part-time or full-time basis. For clients in need of emergency coverage, the Professional Services team will make itself available on weekends and holidays.

SIS and Sanjay Patil also offer healthcare data migration services. The service is designed for facilities that have chosen a new EHR system, but don’t quite know what to do with their existing data. All too often, management takes matters into its own hands, oversimplifying the process. The results of inexperienced personnel handling data migrations can be disastrous. For one, the transition is extremely time sensitive. If users do not have access to critical information, costs will rise and the quality of patient care will suffer. Even worse, if data is lost, the cost to retrieve the missing data will be astronomical.

Sanjay Patil and his team take a systematic approach to data migration. They first identify the source of the data, develop an extraction engine and then identify and rid the database of any duplicate or extraneous records. Once the data types have been identified, Dr. Sanjay Patil and SIS categorize the data and develop a loading strategy. The entire process is handled quickly and efficiently.

The SIS team is ready to assist its customers with any of their clinical networking needs. The company hopes that by 2016 it will serve upwards of 30 percent of metro markets.