Research chemicals generally refer to chemicals or substances that haven’t been thoroughly studied. Research Chemicals (RC) are used for scientific research and medical research purposes. These chemicals are used for laboratory purpose only until significant evidence is gathered for their commercial use. Some of these are also found to be used as human drugs. Little is known about research chemicals and hence they are not available for commercial use as they have not been adequately studied for enough medical investigation to quantify health risks. Thus, they have not been through clinical trials and may not safe for human consumption. Research chemicals are similar to scheduled chemicals and could be considered to be analogues. Although some research chemicals are very new, others might have studied to some extent.


The use of research chemicals in recent years have grown exponentially. Although some people may not be familiar with the term but some designer drugs (such as ecstasy or MDMA) are also now being referred to as research chemicals. It is interesting note that some of the designer drugs are also referred as RC as little is known about them. Research chemicals are similar in molecular structure to other illegal drugs such as cocaine, MDMA or opium or they can be different chemicals that are mixed or combined to produce a similar experience to psychoactive substances.

One of the key issues surrounding this if often related to the lack of knowledge of the substances that are being sold as mephedrone or MDAI. Studies also suggest that chemicals are often mixed with other ingredients or substances. There is limited information regarding the correct amount of substances and in what quantity they can be used. 

Various countries have different legislations regarding the use of RC. For instance, in the U.K the legalisation are more robust and have focused on covering their legality.  The law also covers specific substances and their derivatives.  The law surrounding RC is also frequently updated and amended to include and exclude certain chemicals or substances.

Research Chemicals are suggested to be the key for the development of novel pharmacotherapies and for the medical laboratory use. One of their important features is their extreme potency. It is suggested that the safety window of some of these is quite narrow. This suggests that a risk of a severely toxic and fatal overdose is significantly higher in some substances if proper care is not taken with the measurements. It is therefore recommended that these research chemicals are purchased from reliable and appropriate sources and one should invest time in finding out the appropriate sets of scales and volumetric equipment.

Research chemicals that are used for experiments or medical laboratory purposes can be purchased online with vendors from all over the world. These online vendors may put some restrictions for sale to people over age or an identity check. However, there are a number of good sourced and reliable websites that sell these products we have research genuine suppliers and can recommend If you wish to fine your own suppliers then It is advised that thorough research is conducted before placing purchase orders.