Although bald people are more susceptible to sunburn on their scalps, a full head of hair will not necessarily protect you from UV damage. In fact, according to the Baylor College of Medicine, anyone can suffer from sunburn on their head, which can lead to harmful medical conditions, such as skin cancer, premature aging, and female hair loss. So, if you have spent a bit too long in the sun, and are suffering from burns, keep reading. These tips should go some way towards repairing your scalp.

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Step 1

Technically, this is a preventative step as opposed to a cure, but we think it’s worth mentioning that if you are going to spend any length of time outside in the sun, it is important to cover up, or wear sunscreen. There are a number of sunscreens out there that are specifically designed to be used on the head and scalp, and they won’t make your hair oily like normal sunscreens do. Make sure to buy at least a factor 30, or higher if you have particularly fair skin, and to reapply it every few hours. If you are going to be spending time in the water, look for a waterproof variety, or make sure to top it up as soon as you are back on dry land. You should also consider wearing protective headwear such as a hat or scarf, especially on particularly warm days.

Step 2

If you are experiencing sunburn, the first thing that you should do is take a lukewarm shower. This will help to cool your head down, and stop it from feeling so irritated. Next, shampoo your hair with a specially formulated sun shampoo. These are mild on your scalp, and have special properties that will soothe and moisturise your hair.

Step 3

As your skin starts to peel, you should use a vinegar rinse to help remove the residue (white vinegar is ideal). It’s best to do this in the shower. Follow the rinse with some anti-dandruff shampoo, which should again help to cool your scalp, and minimise peeling.

Step 4

Hopefully, your scalp should begin to recover in around seven days, however it is always a good idea to ask your hairdresser and/or doctor to take a look at your scalp. If you see them regularly, they should be able to notice whether you have any new moles, or any moles that have changed in size or shape. If you do have any irregularities, it is prudent to speak to your doctor as soon as possible to have these checked out.

Although prevention is always better than the cure, it is not always possible to prevent sunburn. Just remember that when treating the burn, it is vital to avoid using any products that could cause further damage. This includes chemically treated shampoos or sprays, alcohol based hair products, and hot styling products such as hair dryers, rollers, and straighteners. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, or are worried, it is vital to speak to your doctor for further advice.