The simplest solution against sunburn is to avoid sun exposure. But when the sun filters do not act as they should, or when you are exposed for too long, the burn is inevitable and painful. The sunburn is actually a type of burn due to radiation, or to the sun’s ultraviolet rays that penetrate below the surface of the skin , all of which increase the redness and inflammation typical. This encouraged parents often desperate to try all kinds of remedies , some of which are surprisingly effective. The goal is to calm the burning and prevent the skin from drying out. If you fail to do this, you can soothe the pain and minimize the redness.


When it has to do with a sunburn , the biggest enemy of the skin is dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids and eat raw fruits to keep your skin hydrated. Eating foods rich in lean protein such as fish and poultry to help the skin to reproduce new cells. Stay away from high fat foods and snacks that contain oil and chemicals, which can irritate the skin. Also best to avoid foods with spicy ingredients like chili: it would be like pouring salt on the burn. Acting on the affected area. Dissolve a couple of cups of baking soda or lemon juice or oatmeal in a tub with cold water and soak the burn for half an hour. The oatmeal, in particular, is an excellent cleanser and softening natural.

Make a cold compress. Apply a layer of plain yogurt and let it sit, then wash with cold water or cold compresses to do with equal parts of milk and water. Even the tea and herbs are good for making wraps. The tannin in the tea and the slightly acidic nature of some herbs, helps to calm inflamed skin. In addition to the black and green tea, can also be used as mint, chamomile and bergamot tea. Even the essential oils of bergamot and lemon can be used for this purpose.

Cultivate a aloe vera plant during the winter so that, come the summer, you can use the lower leaves to the juice, the latter, combined with vitamin E becomes an excellent soothing lotion . Finally, after soaking, you will need something to keep you cool. Put apple vinegar, tea or red wine in a spray bottle and spray on the burn periodically to prevent the skin from drying out .