The dry eye (also called ocular xerosis) is a problem quite common due to several causes . The reasons behind this problem could arise for example from a watery not enough eye. If you are interested in finding out the possible causes and remedies against dryness, followed with this guide carefully .

Keep in mind that the ocular xerosis, is a pathology annoying but fortunately treatable (through simple and natural remedies). Statistically, the problem , with no difference in onset age (but significantly among the elderly), and can also occur suddenly. The elders, therefore, in consideration of their age, they are still more susceptible to the disorder.

more rarely dryness testifies to the existence of diseases of the eye more series. Generally, however, the dry eye resulting from similar diseases, leads to other more serious symptoms, such as joint pain hypothesis intense (so it is not absolutely necessary to be alarmed).


For the cure of the disease, the proper use of pharmaceutical remedies often be a good remedy . Therefore, it can be applied soothing ointment, eye drops, special gel and c. D artificial tears . These allow you to moisturize the eyes optimally without giving rise to possible contraindications (in fact artificial tears can be used for a long period).

The use of eye drops , gels or ointments lubricants instead, may give rise to the emergence of side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to use these only as a result of prescription pharmaceutical (and limit their use to only certain periods of time), do not overdo it and follow the instructions contained in the package insert.

If you want to try a natural remedy effective, it is possible to use warm compresses of chamomile and sweet almond oil, the application of thin slices of cucumber on the eyes (for at least 30 minutes) or the intake of decoctions based natural Castor .

During the treatment of the disease, it is advisable to avoid contact with the smoke, dust, and excessive light (perhaps protecting the eyes from sun and wind). These factors may in fact exacerbate the problem considerably.

Finally, I remind you not to overlook the symptoms of dry eye. Although the problem does not lead to significant consequences, it is good to grasp the typical signs (red eyes, intolerance to light and strong annoyance to maintain contact lenses), mainly to avoid going to experience a worsening of the condition and the risk of eye c. D conjunctivitis.