In this article we want to help you understand how to relieve low back pain. All or nearly all, have suffered from severe or less severe pains in the back. The causes that can cause this kind of pain, may be very numerous and different in nature between them. For example, among the various causes we have the excessive strain, the wrong posture, the real changes in the spinal structure. But flying over the cause, which can cause this kind of pain and discomfort, it is definitely obvious and necessary always consult your family doctor. In this guide we want, in any way, give you some simple tips on how to alleviate, in a natural way, this kind of pain.

The first thing you need to know is that the best positions, that we may help relieve pain in the back, to be taken while we are lying in bed, are essentially 3. The first is the fetal position. As the name suggests, this position is to be laid on one side, with the knees bent and a pillow between your legs. This is the same position that we take when we are in our mother’s womb. In this way, we can give much relief to our spine, seeking not only to lengthen but also avoiding its compression, which can be the cause of this pain in the back.


The second position is very simple and consists of a lie down on the bed, on your back and place a pillow or 2 under our knees, so they are quite bent and flexed. This position allows us to avoid the reinitialization of our lumbar spine , thus trying to avoid the one-level compression disc and also nervous, which can create so much pain.

As the third and final position, we propose one that is very similar to the second. For this position we have to lie down, always in the supine position, but this time the pillow should be placed under our back, the lumbar spine and below the knees, as in the second position. course the pillow, which we will use, should not be too thick nor too thin, otherwise we risk to get just the opposite effect and worsen our pain. We perform consistently these three positions, which will give us a hand to alleviate, in a natural way, our pain due to back pain. Have fun!