Sometimes behind a simple cough can hide several issues, such as the arrival of a cold, a disease related to the respiratory system or even an allergic form. But what are the remedies to relieve the allergic cough, without necessarily having to make use of drugs. Let’s see them together and also discover how to use them to achieve maximum results.

Allergies are unfortunately a land still largely unknown to medicine, although it is noted that many of these have been identified and cataloged. But for every allergy known there can be many more to be discovered and studied. Typically these annoying problems occur when our immune system is put in contact with the symptom occurrence, or agents allergies. Some of the most common that have already been identified and studied are: allergy to pollen, animal fur, mites, cosmetics and many others. The symptoms that occur in case of an allergy include: nasal congestion, repeated sneezing, coughing apparently not justified, puffy eyes and sore throat, headache, redness to the skin in various parts of the body. How to fight then one of the most bothersome symptoms in absolute or cough?


One of the remedies most known and used, is definitely drinking a nice cup of hot tea where we did dissolve within one or two tablespoons of chestnut honey. It is known that this type of honey , is able to counteract the irritation to the respiratory tract and act so as soothing cough, compared to others. In addition, we must not forget that you can prevent that annoying dryness in the throat, then the combination of these two elements could be of real panacea . Another way to counteract the allergic cough is a preparation of lemon juice and honey. It is a very simple thing, but at the same time very effective. Just take two teaspoons of honey, preferably chestnut, put it in a small bowl, spremervi over a few drops of lemon juice and mix. Every time I cough gets really insistent take a little of this mixture.

If we are smokers, in this case we should try to give up a few cigarettes during the day, limiting its use as much as possible. Smoking is able to accentuate the cough, even the allergic. If for whatever reason we need to stay in contact with people who smoke indoors, we could try to ventilate the room very often allowing air to change and stay as oxygenated as possible. Another remedy is to drink plenty of water, especially at times when the cough is persistent, it will take small sips and not large quantities. At the table we might instead ask for help from an ally really valuable apple. This simple fruit is able to counter any type of cough , including allergic precisely that, for this reason, in the crucial period of allergy we will never make us miss an apple for lunch and dinner.