Let’s face it as well, the low back pain is a terrible beast! Often leaves us sore and out of breath, and we feel powerless in the face of pain generated by this ugly disease . Fortunately, there are some simple but effective rehabilitation exercises : anyone can draw benefit , of course, but these have been specifically designed for those suffering from low back pain. Let’s see what are the most important: lie down on the ground, preferably with a mat beneath us, in the supine position (upside down). Let’s keep our knees semi bent and your feet flat on the ground, while the arms are stretched and relaxed at your sides. This is our starting position .

How very first exercise, the relaxation position just described begin to flex the leg towards your chest, hugging her with both hands. While we bring the leg to the chest exhale deeply. Repeat the procedure with the other leg, and then continue to alternate between left and right, for at least 10 repetitions in total. Now let your hands just below our lumbar region and fulfill the so-called “pelvic tilt”: do not worry, it is not painful, nor complicated! This is only pushing, pressing his back against the floor. We hold the position a few seconds, then relax, repeat the procedure a dozen times .

blue toning ball in women pilates class rear view

After returning to the starting position, the legs more Florentia. We slip our hands behind your head and keep your head raised, hence, exhale approaching the torso to the legs. It is not necessary to reach the knees, so do not strive too much if we can not breathe in it while we take the relaxed position repeat this exercise for ten times Let’s get back to the posture of relaxation From here we tend well to land the left arm and right leg , stretching them as much as possible Then while exhale relax the body, inhale and repeat the operation alternating the other arm and the other leg repeat each movement motion for five times.

A recommendation to perform properly and to the best each of these exercises, it is essential to maintain a proper breathing : this facilitates the execution of the task and allows us to make larger movements. Then remember that for proper breathing practice, we need to introduce air through the nose and emit it through the mouth. In every closing movement of the body we’re going to exhale, while every opening movement we breathe.