You do not need more hands to stimulate different points on the feet and thus relieve pain.

The reflexology is the study of the reflex arcs of the body. It’s basically cause different results away from where the skin is being stimulated. Work with the same concepts as shiatsu, acupressure and acupuncture. While it may be made either on the hands and on the feet, is in the latter place where treatment is more beneficial, as a highly sensitive area to the touch point.


The beginnings of reflexology are not entirely known but is believed to have started applying in China , more than 5,000 years. There are also records that relate to the Cherokee Indians of North America and Egyptian communities. However, it was Dr. William Fitzgerald , who, in 1909, designed the known map of the reflexes of the feet, when the plant divided into 10 vertical and three horizontal areas and determined its correlation with the body’s organs. While any massage applied on the feet is very rewarding, reflexology massage seeks not only to relax the area, but ease conditions located at a distance. Today, reflexology has spread worldwide as one of the complementary therapies more effective.



# All organs are reflected in the feet, except the same feet and hands.
# The right foot represents the right side of the body, and left the left side.
# We work on both feet alternately.
# Cream is used for convenience only, to facilitate sliding of the fingers, even if no cream stimulates some point, the effect is the same.
# If an area of the body is altered by pain or illness, stimulation of the corresponding reflection in the foot can be uncomfortable or painful, especially during the first pressure.
# Other points are always sensitive particularmentes such as the knee or kidney.
# The spine is reflected on the inner edge of the foot.
# The outer edge corresponds to the shoulder, arm and elbow.
# The big toe represents the head. Boosting when we have headaches can hasten its demise.
# A complete reflexological session should include filling a form with personal data and present complaints of the patient, the hygiene of the area with alcohol, a first massage whose function is to relax, and only then proceed to the stimulation of areas question.
# If the patient suffers from foot fungus, you must work with gloves or choose to do the massage on the hands.
# Because some parts are disturbing, it is advisable to insert between the two massage some general maneuvers.
# It can be practiced every day and has no contraindications that tickling.
# In general, treatment usually ends by stimulating the reflexes of the nervous system, favoring total relaxation of the patient.

A practice!

If you want to practice, you can search the Internet for images of the map of Dr. Fitzgerald or buy a sheet flyable. Another good idea is to have access to a reflexologist and give you a professional reflexology massage to test the results for yourself. It would also be interesting, if you really like, you took a course to learn to do it. The advantage is that you need nothing more than your hands, unlike other therapies such as acupuncture, which requires needles or moxibustion, in which roots are used called moxa.