A child is a gift to both the father and mother. The primary responsibility of both father and mother is nothing less than to take care of and raise the children. And while some may have you believe that raising kids is easy, it’s far from it. If bringing up a child is difficult for a two-parent household, then raising children as a single parent is twice the challenge.

What’s more is the stress and anxiety that one-parent households face is enough to make one yearn for the earlier days. Ready to find peace of mind? Continue reading and learn how to reduce the anxiety that comes along with being a single parent.

Whether you’re a father or a mother, raising a child alone is hard work. Indeed, the situation can get tedious. Part of the challenge comes from the fact that as a single parent you must spend half of the day working or going to school and when you get home you’re still faced with the bigger job of taking care of your offspring.


Doing so is no small matter as it includes cooking for them, cleaning clothes, helping with homework, buying supplies, taking them to extracurricular activities, making sure that they don’t get into trouble by hanging with the wrong crowd, so on and so forth. Plus, if there’s an absentee parent amid the situation, things can get even more interesting.

One day as I was driving past Palmer Lake Recovery it hit me just how much stress one parent households are forced to bear. Indeed, faced with a mountain of responsibilities some turn to alcohol, some turn to drugs, while still other single moms and dads rely on entirely different things altogether to take their mind off the stress of going it alone. Indeed, stress can make a person do strange things. More than that the pressures that you face as a single mother or father don’t just affect you. The anxiety that you feel has an impact on your children, as well. That’s why it’s so critical that you find ways to get it under control before your anxiety takes control of you.

So, what exactly is a single-parent to do? Well, perhaps before getting into the ‘how’ we should look at a few things that one parent households should not do. But remember, no matter how great the pressure let us not bottle it up, take it out on others (least of all on your kids), sweep it under the rug, try to handle it on our own, etc.

Effective Strategies for Reducing the Stress Associated with Being a Single Parent

Stress relief is not a one-size fits all proposition. There are many ways to address the tension and anxiety parenting your child alone. However, not all of them are effective. Here are five proven tactics that you can use to help relieve your mind and heart from their stress and tension.

  • Build Structure – When only one parent can raise his or her family it creates a serious time shortage. Both the parent and the children are affected by it. Sure, you could just try to get more done in less time but eventually you’ll get to the point where you run out of steam. Instead of taking this approach, why not build systems to help manage your family affairs.It starts with creating a calendar and designating certain activities to certain times and days of the week and sticking to it.
  • Devote Quality Time to Your Children –I get it, you’re doing it by yourself and rarely have the time to spend with your kids and this adds even more stress, right?Not so fast, just like your personal finances, until you create a budget and begin tracking your expenses, unless you do the same thing with your time you’ll never know where all of your time is going.
    So, go ahead and make a concerted effort to proactively managing your time. Doing so will enable you to gradually get your time back and spend more time with your family.
  • Alone Time with the Kids –There are many children who have trouble expressing their feelings with their parents. As such, when they develop negative emotions, they feel all alone.One way to address the issue is to devote alone time to your kids.Note: This is different than just sitting in the same room with them. Alone time is just that—turning off your phone, the tablet, TV, computer, or anything else that would prevent you from having a honest to goodness heart to heart moment with your child.
  • Improve Your Finances –Another stress or that often comes with raising your child alone is that since there’s only one income managing your finances can be a challenge. However, if you can make a conscious effort to tuck away a few dollars each month, until you have six months of emergency funds in reserves you and your kids feel a whole lot better knowing that you can withstand the odd emergency that crops up.

Is relieving your stress through the steps I’ve just outlined easier said than done? Maybe, but here’s what you need to remember. At the end of the day, you’re not just doing it for yourself but for your kids. Heed these tips and years from now your kids will thank you. You just wait.