The care of your body is definitely something very important. It is important in case of problems or disorders also perform real and its controls doctors, if our relatives or friends have such of hearing impairment, it is important to have them examined by a competent doctor, so that the disturbances do not degenerate and mainly so that they avoid going to encounter more serious consequences sometimes irreparable. The most difficult thing in the case of hearing problems is perhaps to learn about them, sometimes it can be very difficult to understand that people have of the deficit in listening. In this guide we will see how to recognize a hearing problem.


First, we note that if the person often listen to the radio or television to a very loud and claims not feel right, it probably has some trouble hearing. We can do a real test, we can go in an adjacent room of his house and when there is total silence, try calling her name, his voice calm and determined. If the person does not answer it is likely that his problems are really severe hearing loss and fatigue herself face to notice. In order to avoid mistakes and do not confuse the issues with poor hearing ear cleaning is good before doing this test, ask the person in question to thoroughly clean their ears, using special sticks of cotton.

In the market there are also a kind of wax cones that once inserted into the ear, can be lit with a lighter, cleaning the ear in depth and eliminating any earwax. In more extreme cases at the bottom of the ear you can deposit some real caps earwax is good then advise the person to go from your family doctor or a pediatrician if the patient is a child, to perform the actual washes its ear. It may also happen that when young children are along with many adults do not listen to the speeches or are struggling to pay attention. The suggestion is to not be alarmed immediately, but rather take the child aside and try to talk to him, what it may appear a hearing problem may instead be an uncomfortable situation or profound disinterest that the child is experiencing.

We can do more testing maybe calling the baby by name or even trying to tell you something in a low voice. Finally, a way to recognize a hearing problem is to verify the ability to listen to multiple times in a person, maybe at a given time has ears plugged to the altitude in the mountains or because it’s just been in the pool. We must therefore try to see if in the days or hours to respond adequately to sound stimuli that ourselves. Surely with the necessary precautions, recognize a hearing problem can be much faster and easier than you might think.