Some people, in the face of environmental stimuli sometimes seemingly harmless, can have very strong anxiety crisis. Many are the factors that can cause these crises such as the being in front of unpleasant situations and not knowing how to act to remedy the situation. However, at the end of the anxiety disorders do not worsen, it is important to grasp in person the clues that lead us to say that at that precise moment is experiencing a crisis of anxiety, in order to help the person in the immediate and in some cases even avoid more serious consequences. In this guide we will see how to recognize causes of anxiety.


The first thing to consider is the breathing of the person. In the face of adverse conditions for her, this person usually will find it hard to breathe and have a very fast breathing. In some cases, those affected by the crisis proof of strong dizziness, nausea and even of strong dizziness. In addition, the victim, has a feeling of suffocation as if gasping for air and feels faint. In these situations, it can also greatly increase his sweating, it is important if it has a t-shirt make sure that at the level of the armpits shirt did not present any slick with sweat. We can then touch a hand of the person affected, in general, also his hands may sweat a lot. In addition to what may feel tingling of the hands or feet and a feeling of chest pain, sometimes it can even get to shake.

Then may experience real difficulties stand up, almost as if her legs were giving up. His vision may become blurred then, may fail to capture some elements easily visible in the room, it also increases muscle tension. In the event that the environmental stimulus is very strong also can feel real hot flashes or cold and have dry mouth. In more serious situations the person may have the feeling of not being able to speak and think. There are rare times when the affected person has the impression that things and people around them are not real, it can also manifest the fear of losing control or even behaving in a bizarre manner.

The first thing to do is to give moral support to the victim and to push it away immediately from environmental stimulus that caused the crisis. If you find it hard to breathe bring in an open place, make him sit down and drink a cold drink , help always reassuring to do some breathing exercises. we can then immediately call a good doctor or some cases, the psychologist, so you can help the person to no longer have any anxiety crisis . Certainly when we realize these immediate crisis, we can best help the person who is affected .