The winter is coming to an end at last, the sun appears again longer. Nevertheless, for many uses this particular time to the spring fever. Read some tips on how you can be charged quickly at home or office with new energy.

In general:

Lots of exercise or sports in the fresh air brings the circulation going and keeps you fit. A long walk in the afternoon or at least in a short lunch break. Soak up the sun and take a deep breath that’s awake. Laugh as often as it goes. Laughter relaxes deflected away from bad thoughts and provides stress relief. With the release of hormones, the immune system and thus prevents also from disease. Generally, of course, always a sufficient supply of enough liquid (two to three liters of water, unsweetened fruit juices or tea per day) is important because dehydration can cause impaired concentration.


Small exercises for home or office
Sharpen concentration
Simply turn off all of 30 seconds long. Focus on an object such as a colorful painting in the office or a tree on the road. Look at it carefully and completely turn off all other thoughts completely. You will see that you followed the further work will be easier.


Along our ears on major energy pathways. In order to stimulate them and to activate, knead on the edge of your ear lobe starting one to two minutes by vigorously with the thumb and index finger.

Intensive respiratory

Stand with your back, open your feet shoulder width, keep your arms shoulder-width above your head. The elbows are slightly bent, palms facing inward. Breathe in deeply and then let you breathe out, the arms like a pendulum from the top down to swing behind his back. Set up by inhalation again arms and upper body upward. Let loose every mitfedern swing movement of the arms, the knees, the feet stay firmly on the ground. Do eight to 10 swings of the pendulum and repeat the cycle two or three times


Essential oils provide relaxation, renewed energy and provide a good mood. Apply a few drops of essential oils in an incense burner and enjoy the pleasant aroma. However, you should not use fragrance lamp constantly, otherwise the senses are overstimulated. Lemon scents such as lemon, orange or lemon grass make merry and improve concentration. Basil refreshes and clears the mind. Eucalyptus clears the respiratory tract, purifies and helps with thick air. Peppermint provides energy and helps with a feeling of listlessness. Rose relieves tension. Lavender has a relaxing and stress reducing.

Relaxing Bubble Bath

The warm water relaxes your muscles and breathing becomes deeper, the stress disappears. A bath at 36 degrees just enough, too hot, it should not be, otherwise it is too stressful for the body and can lead to circulatory problems. Also, you should not enjoy more than 20 minutes. In the evening the best time, because then it will sleep very well and relaxed. The warm water bleeds through the skin, the nervous system is totally solved. Creams Join us for a full bath.

Aware of time for your partner or family to take

In the end, even the most stressful day, you should take some time for family, friends or partners. Boil together, do sports, play or talk to just about what she has occupied during the day. For it is proven that people who make compliments, laugh together and have fun, have more vitality and energy.