The fears about a global catastrophe are related discomforts and have to do with a displacement of the interior to the exterior.

The Mayan prophecies about the end of the world in 2012 have generated fear in many people. As occurred around the year 2000, speaks of the arrival of destructive cataclysms and events intended to annihilate the Earth and all its inhabitants. Through a historical, it is easy to find similar predictions that have come to the above at different key, as in the changes of a century or more, of the millennium. From a psychoanalytic view, the question of the ultimate origin of these fears and why they have the ability to affect so many people.

Fears: the outside, tied in

A necessary condition for something external and alien actually affect is that it is linked with inner. In psychoanalytic terms, one might say that the facts of libidinizan outside world, linking with a part of the psyche, usually unconscious, and then made ​​himself that it was alien. Failure to do this league, if not libidiniza , the outside will go unnoticed.

To illustrate, one can think of a person as a child, had a close bond with his grandfather who liked to talk about books. Growing up, this person will feel an almost instant bond with anyone who expresses passion for literature. Without knowing more about it, think it’s someone you trust and who can establish a close relationship. In the example, a person relies on the new acquaintance because he found an item that was linked to an inner member, in this case, a positive element that reminded him of his grandfather. The new acquaintance outside, immediately became familiar because of the psychic link built with information from the love of reading.


The bonds formed are not always positive, you can also send an event painful, frightening or negative in general. In the case of the end of the world, the reaction of fear and terror at the possible destructive event occurs because, in one way or another, echoes with a mental element, either as souvenirs or to cover up something else.

It is seen that the fear of the doomsday forecast has little to do with the destruction of the Earth and civilization, and all with their own fears. Not a real cataclysm may very core of panic, but the mere mention triggers a psychic element itself, unconscious, with which it is impossible to deal and thus creates the mask of fear at the end of the world.

The unknown psychic

One of the possible psychological fears which are referred to the concern of the end of the world, is the presence of unknown psychic elements. When encountering a new or unknown external situation, as a new job or the birth of a child, experienced a slight fear of not knowing the proper way to react or what to expect from her. However, there is also certain that with practice and time, will learn the skills necessary to cope and therefore the fear of the unknown yields.

In the case of an internal unknown , as is unconscious itself, gestates a separate operation. There is no such certainty to cope eventually, because there will always be a remainder in the psyche impossible to know fully, and there is no way to learn everything about yourself and create a manual that covers all aspects of the psyche, which makes that fear remains no possibility of disappearing.

At the same time, there’s a part in the psyche unable to deal with unknowns, worse if it is permanent unknowns. This part, when faced with a stranger inside without response, initiates a mechanism for the immediate justification, to give an explanation, that is, the unknown. In colloquial terms, one could say that places a veil over the unknown to cover it and forget it.

The problem is that, even if he is chosen to ensure the unknown with a justification, it is impossible to rid of the feeling of fear caused. What happens then? The feeling of fear is tied to a specific explanation to understand, in this case, fear is replaced by an unknown element within the logical explanation of fear at the end of the world.

In the history of mankind, explanations to deal with strangers have always been present in various forms. From the attribute natural phenomena to the will of gods and sorcerers, to explain the current trend of the world, life and the person himself under the scrutiny of science and technology. This is one reason why the unconscious postulated by psychoanalysis has found many barriers.

Given the unknown interior rejected by a part of the psyche itself, it chooses to make an explanation whatever, even rough and fatalist, and then center it to give an explanation to our fear, fear and conflict transferred to abroad, is expelled from the psyche. Ultimately, it is easier to deal with the outside than oneself.