Among our senses the view is doubtless the most developed and that allows us to be alive in the universe and connect to others. For this reason it is extremely important to safeguard the visual capabilities. In this guidebook, we indicate you how to protect your eyesight by providing all the useful tips about.

A first important rule to be reckoned with and to control their visual skills is to have regular eye exams, which also includes the examination of the fundus. In case you are experiencing any troubles, such as blurred view, what is more, it is constantly advisable to execute a complete check by giving way to a specialist and do not overlook any symptoms. It is also advisable to protect the view from excessive exposure to the sun, wearing sun lenses of good quality and filter by law.


Protect the view in these times also means guard against the use, often excessive, we do of electronic devices , such as smartphones, tablets and computers with which we subject our eyes to a continuous effort. Getting down from the smallest, spend too many hours in front of the TV screen or PC can affect your vision, causing minor annoyances or outbreaks of genuine diseases, such as myopia. You should so attempt to confine the wrong done to our modern lifestyle: better, so do not spend too much time in front of a PC or tv, if not strictly necessary, however, and enjoy breaks at least every forty-five minutes; is also important to insure the best conditions in terms of light and posture when you persist a long time in front of electronic gimmicks.

For those who wearing contact lenses, protect your eyesight involves not wearing lenses for more than six to eight hours per day in a row; it is likewise necessary to use specific liquids to be able to disinfect the lenses and prefer the use of glasses in case were to appear redness or other type of contagion. Even during the make-up or cleansing it is best to be careful to prevent dust or other abrasive substances that are likely to add up into touch with the cornea and damage it. Finally, in order to protect the view you can also take care of their supply by encouraging the right amount of vitamins through fruits and vegetables.