A healthy diet not only promotes health. Anyone who eats healthy during illness, also has more chances of faster recovery.

Each disease, whether diarrhea, fever or cancer and diabetes leads to increased body awareness. Or to what extent that nutrition plays a role in terms of recovery, yet too much is being underestimated. There are better and less for each disease right foods. The question here is not “only” enjoyment of toxins such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. Or you would have known, for example, that a combination of fried ham and egg is very bad for cancer patients?

No salt in hypertension

Table salt is bad for people who suffer from high blood pressure. Contrast is recommended twice a week, fish (or fish oil supplements with omega-3 fatty acids). However caution in meat and eggs – eat them as little as possible. Social drugs such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided completely. For it often times with fruit, juice, rice and milk detox to relieve the bloodstream. Note: pay attention to the prescribed fluid intake!

Cola drinks without sugar for diarrhea

Unsweetened black tea and sugar-free cola beverages in conjunction with a two-day fasting biscuits are a well-known remedy for diarrhea. Alternatively, does it also have a strict apple diet: There are only two days of eating only raw, peeled, finely grated apples. Free drinking carbonated mineral water. With more than two days helps saltshakers persistent diarrhea water.


A glass of red wine with egg white and sugar are in force exhaustion

For those who can tolerate not (yet) whole foods, it is recommended to exhaustion , daily egg whites and sugar in a glass of red wine to stir. Also good: pure meat juice concentrate daily for potato or (for. B. porridge) and stirred several times taken in small rations. Another way is to cut 150 to 200 g lean beef in pieces, to pour into a glass jar, and to conclude this as long to cook in a pot of water until the pure juices out. When aversion to animal protein, it is recommended to spread in to every little food portion soy flakes. Another “source of strength” is almond butter (as a spread or compote, yoghurt, or porridge). In addition to this, take a vitamin supplements.

Also good at heart disease: fruit, rice and raw day

Heart disease seen strictly against fat and low-salt foods and little meat and some fish or fish oil preparations with omega-3 fatty acids. Also highly recommended are fruits, rice and raw days. Poor, however, are flatulent (heart again oppressive) vegetables and legumes or soy and skim milk products. Heart-strengthening herbs, fresh juices or (Hawthorn) tea Sindhi preferable usual condiments. Social drugs, especially nicotine, and alcohol are Offering to enjoy in small quantities.

Cancer requires vegetable diet

Although each type of cancer requires a different type of diet, all the shift to vegetable diet in common (five portions of fruit and vegetables a day). One serving is equivalent to the amount that fits in one hand. Much milk sour vegetables, sauerkraut, beetroot juice, fresh pineapple, acidified milk products with L + lactic acid also belong to the daily diet distributed if they are divided into many small digestible meals. Poorly saline, white / refined sugar industry, smoked (very bad combination of fried ham plus egg)., Chocolate pudding and food, alcohol and caffeine and nicotine in particular Well are 10 grams vitamin. C in the form of fruit, or as pure ascorbic acid and raw vegetables in the form of green and yellow vegetables, plus some cold pressed vegetable fat (due to the high share (only fat soluble) pro vitamin A (carotene), as well as cell stabilizers). Similarly, vitamin E is used for cancer prevention and as adjudicative therapy.

Little dietary restrictions in liver and gall bladder

In life and gall bladder there is little dietary restrictions. Not allowed but is protein-rich diet, especially cheese, as well as alcohol and caffeine. Also you should be sparing with seasonings. Fresh juices and herbal teas (such as milk thistle) are recommended. For the rest is: is permitted that gets.

gastric stimulator contra stomach ailment

Who is prone to stomach problems, keep on porridge and gruel diet (oats, barley, wheat soup or grits). In addition to the “gastric stimulator” use anything that is well tolerated according to experience. gastric stimulator include spicy foods, meat, whole grains, all sweetness and stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.

Beer permits for medical reasons kidney disease

Uric acid-forming foods (organ meats, herring) the food plan kidney disease before not just any mushrooms. Asparagus may be chosen only if it is medically recommended for Stein bustle. The same goes for beer. From all other Wholehearted and caffeine and nicotine, the fingers can be. Treatments with medicinal and mineral waters, uric acid neutralizing medicinal plants, fresh juices and teas however is highly recommended.

Diabetics live by bread units

Patients with diseases of sugar are stopped, their food after bread units put together. A bread unit corresponds to this 12 g carbohydrates. That means a maximum of 50 g fat daily, much baggage and fiber-aches fruits, vegetables, lean meats (always up to seven small meals a day). Is of course easier, namely with special diabetic foods with sugar substitutes. However, one should for an emergency (life-threatening hypoglycemia in the blood and risk of hypoglycemic shock) always equip with sweets. Important: Just the age of sugar can often dominate by a suitable diet. In non-insulin dependent diabetes and plant-based medicines are available in addition to diet.