8 Tips for crisp, well-groomed hair

1 cm per month to grow our hair no wonder that long hair requires much more care! Long hair apply for thousands of years as a symbol of beauty and femininity. Especially many women identify with her hair. So you should not miss the daily care, so the hair shine and feel we are with skin and hair.

Tips for beautiful, well-groomed hair

1. After getting up, comb your hair, and wonder if the hair wash is really necessary. Because daily washing removes the hair lipids, which they need for a healthy hair structure. When combing rather use a wide toothed comb, otherwise the hair is damaged.

2. Massage the shampoo into the hair line. The better not the stronger! The scalp is massaged, the better they will be supplied with blood, and then the more shine the hair. The shampoo incorporated only in the approach and lather. The tips are alone already cleaned by running down the foam.

3. Always give a rinse in your hair especially the tips to prevent split ends damage let soak and rinse thoroughly. Thus, the hair easier to comb and do not break so quickly.


4. The hair with a towel to dry. It is important: do not rub dry, but emphasize the water from his hair or turn. (To the towel is wrapped around the hair, and wrung out. Thus the cuticle layer of the structure of the hair is not roughened.

5. The hair with a hair dryer to dry. To prefer to use a brush and keep the hair dryer on the lowest level and temperature. Then the hair with a flat brush and comb it smooth and dry with a hair dryer. Note: The distance between your hair and the hair must not be less than 20 cm.

6. Best when styling products with UV protection use. Who often wears a ponytail should make sure that the hair is not more damp or wet. Otherwise, they will break faster. So recommended prefer to try out several hairstyles as more and can cause the same hairstyle to hair damage.

7. Comb your hair before going to bed again carefully to nodes, etc. The next morning prevent. Moreover, by combing fat molecules from the scalp are distributed in the lengths and ends, which can use urgently. Furthermore, the brush massages the scalp and promotes blood circulation, and their health. Therefore, the right brush is important: Soft bristles that if you go with them on the back of the hand – do not scratch. Best able to have brushes with natural bristles.

8. Extra tip: silica promotes healthy hair growth and is an important element for the stability and thickness of hair. Silica is found in oats, green vegetables, millet, etc. but may also be included in capsules, etc and of course a generally helps healthy diet for healthy hair.