A private health insurance with a deductible may be worthwhile.

Those who opt for private health insurance is in principle before the election, a tariff with or without deductibles chosen. The private health insurance with a deductible is per month cheaper, but the insured must be part of the cost per calendar year bear. Depending on your rate is, the deductible only relate to a specific area, such as outpatient services or dental services, or at all costs. But you can really save by excess money? To answer this question, it helps first to recalculate thoroughly.

Some tariffs with excess can be worthwhile

Indeed, there are private health insurance quotes with a deductible that are worthwhile. Go out in the calculation of the worst case, namely assume the deductible to the full. Take a look at what you would have to pay per year for your health insurance. If the amount is the same as a tariff with no deductible, or even less, the deductible is definitely worth considering. Because even if you at full use of your excess at the end of the same pay, such insurance may pay off over the years. Those who do not chronically ill, is not expected to exploit each year the excess. It follows with a gain of time. Indeed, there are tariffs which insured always make a profit, even with full utilization of the excess.For other private health insurance but the deductible is a losing proposition. This is especially true for deals with extremely high deductibles of more than 1000 € per year. Basically it can be said that fares are worth less with high deductibles. While private health insurance is to be found with an excess of € 800 for a mere € 150 per month, the cost is at a maximum deductible of 5000 € is usually a maximum of 50 € including.


The deductible does not pay for employees

For employees pays private health insurance with no deductible in the rule. Because the employer pays while half of the Insurance Premium, but not the deductible. There are exceptions, some companies even subsidized the deductible, but this is not the rule.

What should fail the deductible?

Theoretically, there are private health insurance with a deductible of 50 up to 5000 € per year. More than € 800, the deductible should be, however, because the rates are also usually not economical. Also, remember that you can increase the deductible at any time. Conversely, it is problematic to reduce the deductible. Because most insurance companies require in this case a new medical examination, which may also be associated with risk premiums or benefit cuts.