The cardiovascular diseases are now one of the leading causes of death in spite of newspapers and television do nothing but talk about how essential it is to prevent the causes. Many heart disease could be cured in time or even not be there, if all we lead a style of healthy life at first we should know how to prevent heart disease .

Let’s see what you have to do to keep your heart in good health and prevent all the risks that we face. It is essential to check the LDL keeping it under 100mg, we’ll have a diet low in fat animals, preferring to fish but not meat to shellfish or mollusc , we will eliminate completely the sausages. Clinical studies have shown that lowering bad cholesterol , it is advisable to introduce in your diet foods containing niacin , or vitamin B3, such as cereals, wholemeal bread, nuts, legumes and cheeses. Even the garlic lowers bad cholesterol by 11%.


You have to measure every day to keep our blood pressure always below 140/90 in the morning on an empty stomach that we have to control your blood sugar should never exceed 110 mg. If possible we should try to avoid any situation that causes stress. The body weight should always be appropriate to our physical, if you dispose of your unwanted pounds overweight, we have a constant physical activity, long walks or a bike trail, absolutely avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Dutch Scholars have also prepared a meal “protect the heart”: red wine (1 glass), fruits and vegetables (400 grams), two to four servings of fish (114 grams) per week, one clove of garlic, almonds (68 grams ) and dark chocolate (100 grams). A bit ‘repetitive, but effective: it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 76% so it’s worth it.

To get more help in the prevention of heart disease, you can rely on natural therapies and herbal medicine: soy, hawthorn and other food supplements reduce pressure and cholesterol. The Bach flower remedies (homeopathic ally diluted essences of 38 flowers) will help eventually to modulate anxiety and stress. If we are consistent in following these recommendations will avoid losing health as a valuable asset, which unfortunately only after having lost one realizes what is so great its value.