The physical and emotional stress can lead to hair loss. A condition known as genteel effluvium due to the sudden and rapid fall of hair as a result of physical stress, high fever, acute illness or surgery. The emotional or psychological stress, when chronic, may also interfere with the normal growth cycle of the hair and cause baldness. Fortunately, for those who suffer from hair loss due to stress, there are some solutions how to prevent hair loss due to stress and restore growth.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet every day. In addition to vitamin B, which is the most beneficial to the health and Teresita hair, supplement their diet with vitamins A, C and E; as well as with zinc, magnesium and selenium. Do not neglect the Omega 3 fatty acids, which can also improve the health of the scalp .


Be sure to sleep at least eight hours every night. Adequate sleep helps the body recover from all types of stress and it is important for the health of the scalp and hair. Prolonged sleep deprivation can be extremely stressful for the body, and this stress can manifest itself in hair loss .

Allow your body enough time to recover from an event that has caused a physical stress , such as surgery or childbirth . Stressing too much, after a serious illness or surgery, increases the risk of hair loss. acute physical stress interferes with the normal growth cycle of hair, resulting in slower growth and increased shedding. According to some clinical studies, hair loss usually begins 3-4 months after the event that caused stress. If hair loss is due to emotional stress, you should participate in counseling sessions .

Monitor your hormone levels. This is particularly important if the hair loss started after the birth, after weaning from the breast or shortly after the start of oral contraception. Although the majority of hair loss is caused by childbirth, in some cases, the causes can be attributed to hormonal problems persist. Ask your doctor if you are suffering from especial areata, which is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the hair follicles, causing loss indeed. This disease can be triggered by emotional stress, and sometimes disappears together with such stress; In some cases, however, you need medical treatment.