Fats, physical inactivity and smoking are some of the causes of this disease that is affecting many people in the world.

Today people lead a hectic lifestyle, where there is no time even to have adequate food, a situation that has led to health problems in several countries. Among the most common diseases is the colon cancer mostly caused by diets low in vitamins, minerals and grains.

What factors in the development of colon cancer?

One of the most important has to do with the bad feeding people, where junk food and high fat diets not only help the appearance of this disease, but others such as obesity, heart disease and cholesterol and triglycerides. A lifestyle full of stress and lack of physical activity help this type of cancer that appears, although there are many chances of having it if a relative has been diagnosed with the disease. One factor that increases the chances of suffering has to do with ulcerative colitis who have some people, when the colon undergoes constant inflammation the body gives a signal that something is wrong in the body.


What symptoms can appear?

Like most cancers discomfort usually occur when the disease is rather advanced, the most common signs are diarrhea, bloody stools, constipation, weight loss for no apparent reason, loss of appetite, bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting or constant tiredness.Given that the bodies of people react differently to the disease, it is likely that only experience some of these symptoms are accompanied by other disturbances, it is advisable to see a doctor to perform the respective tests, Detecting it early and treating the disease. If it has long been suffering from irritable bowel or gastrointestinal diseases it is important to maintain control of the disease and go to the doctor regularly for evidence of cancer, which can confuse the symptoms.

How to prevent colon cancer?

It is important to assess the lifestyle that takes, the type of feeding and physical activity that takes place, and regularly visit your doctor if you have some symptoms of the disease. The main thing is to reduce saturated fat intake, these should be changed to monounsaturated fats such as those possessed by the olive oil or polyunsaturated oil as fish.

Increase consumption of foods rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber And consumption of cereals, wholemeal bread, wheat bran, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Additional important to include in your diet vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids, from oily fish or fatty foods like tuna, salmon, sardines, trout and cod, is also recommended consumption of chicken meat and red. Physical activity is vital not only for the prevention of colon cancer but other diseases as well as regular water consumption.

Do not wait until tomorrow to prevent what today can be avoided

Regardless if you have any of these symptoms, you should begin to change the style of life, with a proper diet can prevent not only colon cancer but other diseases. Do not wait until it’s too late knowing you can prevent it from now, without spending much money or undergo a strict diet. You can improve your quality of life and extend it to share with your loved ones.