Women who become pregnant at a young age are less likely to suffer from breast cancer , according to various studies, whose results are reported in this article. Why patients with this disease also explains increase their chances of survival if they have children during or after treatment. In addition, other listed factors associated with pregnancy at a lower risk of developing breast cancer .

breast cancer

Early pregnancy, lower cancer risk

Women living in early pregnancy have a lower risk of getting breast cancer than those who remain in status later in life or never do.

This thesis, supported for some time by various investigations, it has been endorsed by a recent study in mice, in which ” early pregnancy has a protective effect against cancer breast ” , although the underlying mechanism is unknown.

Work (conducted by scientists at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) was based on tests with mammary epithelial cells and how they change when the woman becomes a state. In its conclusions, the experts say the possibility of opening a way for future studies that could mimic the effect of early pregnancy and, therefore, serve to prevent and cure cancer breast.

On the other hand, women who have children before age 20 reduce to 50% the risk of breast cancer , says the National Cancer Institute of the United States.

Other risk factors for this disease are the direct family history (mother, sister or the same person in one breast), early menstruation (before age 12) and late menopause (after 55).

Pregnancy, favorable for women with breast cancer

On the other hand, pregnancy reduces the risk of death for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer . And according to another study, patients with breast cancer who remain in the state have up to 42% greater chance of survival than those who do not conceive.

The researchers (members of the Institute Jules Bordet, Belgium) analyzed 14 trials involving 1,417 pregnant women with cancer and other 18,059 not what they were. The result showed a significant figure as the main contractor, Hatem Azim, it is considered a “strong case” against the usual recommendation given to women with this type of cancer: do not get pregnant. The findings suggest that pregnancy can improve the quality of life of millions of young people who decide to become mothers during or after treatment of their disease.

Two facts cause that more and more females who have experienced breast cancer and want to be mothers : improved survival with the disease and delay motherhood . The average age at which women become mothers in Spain has risen from 28.5 in 1976 to 31.4 in 2011.

Pregnancy and breast cancer

Other factors related to pregnancy experts associated with a lower risk of getting breast cancer . The National Cancer Institute lists the following:

More children . Women with more children are less likely to suffer from breast cancer. Studies indicate that the risk is halved in mothers with five or more children, compared to the women who have none.

Prolonged periods of lactation . If you have children along with the woman’s breastfeeding for an extended period (especially over a year), you decrease the risks. This is related to the hormonal activity of the female body while producing milk for your baby.

History of preeclampsia . Several studies have found an association between preeclampsia and reduced risk of breast cancer.