How often have you heard that pregnant women need to take folic acid? The reason is simple: during these nine months, the daily requirement of this substance increases so much that it becomes necessary to complement it. If you too are in this stage of your life will mean that the time has come to know the foods that contain more than all of folic acid. Let’s find out together.

Folic acid is also known by the name of vitamin B9 and during pregnancy to almost all women are advised to hire him. However physicians opt for simplistic solutions, or the use of products of synthesis laboratory. If you wish to have a more involuntariness approach to the problem, the ideal solution will vary your daily food intake by inserting (or possibly increasing) the foods that contain the most among all facing . As for the main courses will be preferred cereals. Go ahead and then to the rice that contains 225 mcg to 100 grams , but also to spaghetti and macaroni (219 mcg er 100 g), semolina (111 mcg per 100 g), to egg noodles (77 mcg per 100 g) and the tortellini stuffed with cheese (62 mcg per 100 g). It will then be useful to prepare soups often made ​​of chickpeas, given that this food contains 180 mcg per 100 grams.


We then go to the category of main dishes. Even if you do not like them at all, at the top of the list is only right to put the chicken livers . The latter in fact contain 995 mcg per 100 grams, ie an extremely high value. The same applies also to the liver of other animals, albeit with lower values: that of cattle and horse 330 mcg per 100 grams, while the pig 295 mcg per 100 grams. If you want to go on could opt for the classic beef burger (37 mcg per 100 g), for the hotdog (19 mcg per 100 g) and hen eggs (130 mcg per 100 g). As for the eggs, also, remember that folic acid is contained only in the yolk, so try to prefer this part.

And still we can not forget the vegetables in this group are preferred foods made ​​from soy. To give some examples, the steak soy contains 305 mcg per 100 grams, while the shoots Soy contains 172 mcg Bring it to the table then asparagus (218 mcg per 100 g), broccoli (194 mcg per 100 g), turnip greens (163 mcg per 100 g), escarole salad (156 mcg per 100 g), spinach (150 mcg per 100 g) and beans (130 mcg per 100 g). To finish the cake will not be lacking in this case you can choose between a granola (719 mcg per 100 g), a chocolate milk (422 to 100 mcg g), or an ice cream cone (the wafer, in fact, contains 168 mcg of folate per 100 grams) Locate and then foods that you like and try to take them every day: your health will benefit.