The act of prayer as an exercise of introspection or communication with a deity, has calmed the anxiety from 300,000 years ago or so.

The controversy notice issued by TVE last May 7, 2013, has generated thousands of reviews and even been mocked by viewers and netizens. For many reasons we will detail below, has been misinterpreted action, since the origin of man, has a clear positive psychological effect on those who practice it.

Origin and causes of the controversy

TVE television is directed by the ruling political party, and is now the right , characterized as it is by maintaining a close relationship with the church . Mismanagement of the crisis on the other hand leaves it open to criticism at the slightest opportunity. Thus, a left-wing opposition, characterized by insult to the church community, and even the wrong doing of their information, have confused a remedy to reduce the anxiety that a problem with what could be the solution to this problem.

The news dealt about the increase in the purchase of candles to honor the saints by Catholics as well as the proper functioning of businesses engaged in the sale of candles. Logically, people buy and light candles as part of the rite of prayer, which calls for a concern, and in this case the lockout.

To make matters worse, reported that psychologists say that the fact to pray serves the same as the action of cross your fingers, and then be countered with the opinion of a professional who has the positive of this fact. The first statement refers to the action does not affect the resolution of the problem by calling (achieving work), while the second opinion, refers to pray as fact itself, mitigating anxiety. In an interview that it appears more extensive, was left with the word in the mouth of a professional talking retroactively or also known as learning by feedback inhibition.


Inhibition retroactive

Feedback inhibition occurs when new learning interfere on some learning and stored in memory so that the latter are forgotten or inaccessible. Praying and going to Mass, do an activity, although not productive to solve the problem at hand, it does feel to the wearer to practice as an active part of the situation. Such action attached to the relief of initial discomfort by that anxiety reduction, can be generated in the subject’s memory a memory more positive, and therefore, decrease negativity with which the person can address the problem.

Reasons for praying calms anxiety

The development of thinking skills in humans, made out of fear of the unknown, we resort to a superior being who controls everything, finding relative tranquility. Without going into detail about the actual existence or not of a God or Supreme Being, the human race from its origin, came to deities (stars, sacred animals, etc.) In case of doubts or vital needs. Thus, we have an internal locus of control (the cause of success or failure is located or perceived by the person as something internal to it) to an external locus of control (the person perceives that the results depend on causes or factors external). Perceiving that no longer depends on oneself or even that has a foreign aid and higher, are factors that can reassure the person.

Prayers modern

It is curious to observe how spaces dedicated to relaxation, as can be Spas and centers of alternative therapies, often have characteristics similar to those of a church. Low light intensity, aromas of incense, melodic music, request a low voice or avoidance of noise and of course, candles lit. Also, new disciplines such as Yoga, encourage introspection and reflection for optimal self-knowledge. All these factors, like the shape of product placement in a supermarket, they are given randomly, but are put into practice because they have been studied and because they work.