Thousands of practitioners around the world are successful this simple healing technique

Created by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (1952-2007), an engineer born filipino Choasuy Samson Lim, Chinese ancestry, which merged ancestral therapies in a more modern and effective, pranic healing is based on the existence of an ethereal energy that surrounds us, the evidence of chakras and the use of our hands.

What is prana?

One of the names given to the subtle energy that surrounds us and which we participate. In Hindi means “vital energy”, and is also known as ruah (Hebrew), chi (Chinese) or ki (Japanese). There are several sources of prana, Like the sun, moon, water, earth . but the most used, because of its abundance, the foundation of this technique is that of air, then, the more pure nature surrounding the healer, best results will be.

What is Pranic Therapy

There are two principles that govern this practice: the Auto Recover, that every organism has a tendency to normalize itself (not as hard to grasp: the animals are not doctors, but they cure themselves) and the Vital Energy, that is, through the intervention of external factors (in this case, the prana, By assimilation, medicines from the pharmacy ) can accelerate the healing process. This is basically to restore the energy balance of living body constantly exposed to physical disorders, mental and emotional.


The fact that any person has easy access to these skills, and learning that can be done during a weekend, as well as ease of means of implementation, has made Pranic Healing one of the new techniques that have advanced across the globe in recent years. Her own instructors spell it out during the workshops: we should not believe anything a priori, but simply let go, and it will be a truly amazing how slowly surfacing in front of us will .

The basis of the technique: do not touch the patient

Although methods like relational reiki or the introduction of hands, here the patient is not touched, but he cleaned the affected areas using the same, but distance so much so that even you can try to kilometers, with only have the approval of the patient. Knowing how the control of a car or television, it seems so hard to understand.

When an energy exchange between patient and healer, he should have external elements to clean up their arms, which after all are their tools and therefore must be sterile, and these tend to be: a bucket of water salt (best, thick), a stick of burning incense (preferably near the container) and a compound composed of two parts water, one of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of lavender (the plant is known for its ability cleaning) to be continuously administered through a spray on the patient and therapist.

The chakras

In addition to the affected area swept rounds five times, also acts on energy vortexes that long ago tested their existence, chakras. Supposedly, a living being is run up and down for a few meridians (nadis) That, like highways in roundabouts tend to coalesce circular energy centers. Today, due to rapid social change, there are those who recognize up to eleven chakras older, and many other side, all located at important points of the body, with different colors and functions, interacting with each other. So if the healer applies this therapy on the affected part and chakras relating to it, the patient gradually, it may heal.

The energization Key in the process

After cleaning the affected area (for assimilation prepared the wound with hydrogen peroxide, cotton and Mercuro-chrome ), the therapist uses the air, transmuting your energy through your body and leading to both hands, with the one receives it, whereas the other is applied and stabilized. Part remains in your body, as compensation, which the practitioner usually has good physical and mental health, plus it opens paths in life with ease, improving human relations. And this occurs because the aura surrounding the physical body is restored from the damage and imbalances that suffers daily wear, increasing in thickness and resistance. It acts on the chakras in a circle, in rounds three times, since the movement of those so, turning a quarter turn to one side and three quarters to the contrary to allow entry and exit of energy through it.

Energy levels and healing

As the healing progresses in learning, level up and requires more and better tools. If there is no salt water, the technique can be used green fire. Since the prana air slows healing because its implementation as it requires numerous passes under the condition that is the case, one can dissociate into colors, and in turn, in blends and textures (like the light is broken into seven colors) greatly speeds the process. Can also be used crystals and quartz needles, which multiply the percent effect. And the connection with the Divine energy through Or coronary cord, becomes essential.

Medicine available to all

Yes , but no. These therapies inherently have a spiritual component quite pronounced. To be an external energy transmitter us need to keep your body healer and spiritual energy in the form (comparable to the typical doctor who smokes and does not sport, but prohibits smoking to their patients and recommends gymnastics ) Meditation becomes essential, in particular, the technique of Twin Hearts- Since the chakras, Increasing performance, greatly increases the thickness and density of the aura of the healer (usually meters . A aura normal can be measured between five and six inches thick, but the mere contact with the Pranic Healing raises almost half a meter), both for good and for bad (there chakras governing, for example, good or bad character), and that should be properly controlled.

In addition, it requires an inner energy as pure as possible, so care must be taken to eat little or no meat (especially pork), no vices, and maintain a physical and mental attitude very positive, being respectful nature and our neighbors. Finally, it is necessary to state that this technique is a good complement to conventional medicine, so it should not stop going to the doctor or the pharmacy, but rely on them to stay better longer.