With the times we live in is increasingly difficult to keep at bay the stress and between queues on the motorway, business meetings, home and family, our health begins to falter under the heavy attacks of fatigue and the chaotic life of each of us. It is not always possible to rely on activities recreational pleasant, both for economic availability for lack of free time. Alternatively, a good substitute is yoga, ancient art able to soothe body and mind, leaving even after a short time spent in carrying out this great discipline, a sense of balance and well-being. In this guide we will learn to enjoy one of the many postures of this ancient art, which is the yoga positions.


That the lotus is one of the asanas (which is the name they are called these postures in yoga parlance) the most common and easy to interpret, which lends itself well to a first approach and requires less time for learning. It is also the most suitable for the process of meditation. Unlike what you might think it is not so easy to assume this posture, you will need a little practice and endure some initial cramp, but exceeded the first approaches will not be a problem run, since you will be more loose. It is advisable in this regard proceed with stretching exercises targeting the legs and back.

Sit on the floor, trying to keep as much as possible your back upright and relaxed at the same time, looking for the right balance that allows you to not tire, and on several occasions breathe and inhale deeply to relax the shoulder area. Cross your legs following a precise procedure, by placing your right foot on the left groin area and vice versa with the left foot. There is a strong probability that you will experience cramps in this part of the exercise, if that were true interrupt him and start stretching exercises until they feel the right degree of fluency.

After reaching a good setting body dedicated your attention to the hands, usually for a meditation exercise your palms should be facing upwards and resting on his knees, but this art provides a number too large dosage of the hands so that be listed in a single guide each change of movement. For a simple relaxation process, let your arms are resting the legs in a very relaxed atmosphere. Breathe regularly and deeply as you and you can empty your mind of unnecessary thoughts, focusing on calm and serene images of fulfilling. Indulge in this sense the time that suits you .