In today’s world the physical and health have become almost the only reason why life is worth living. And this way of thinking is influenced mainly by television, radio and newspapers. All we want to bring to the pursuit of perfection. And so were born gyms fitness centers more and more advanced. The fact of having a beautiful body and staying in good health is something that fascinates everyone would want. A great way to get a slim and lean physique is the Bikram Yoga. This type of Yoga is a new discipline that is taking place in the world of fitness. However, presents different characteristics from simple Yoga. It is also called “hot yoga” because of its main feature: the heat. This discipline, in fact, is practiced in a heated room with great relief and benefit to your muscles. We see this as a simple guide to practice this kind of “sport” and what are the main techniques .


This is a new activity that is taking over many and many sports includes 26 different postures that train all parts of the body and two standard exercises. The rules for performing the exercises correctly are easy to follow. You must always maintain the position for the required time, breathe properly while you train and rest 20 seconds between one year and another. It is natural that in the beginning, if you’re a beginner many positions will be difficult because your body is not accustomed to such intense stress. But this should not discourage you if you think the benefits that this activity you will be able to bring.

The constant practice of this sport has several beneficial effects on the body at physical and mental level for the balance. The dress code is in microfiber breathable to allow fluid movements and proper breathing of skin pores. It is practiced in bare feet. There are no contraindications and can follow one of these courses also pregnant. It should also provide themselves with a towel and a bottle of water, since the heat is felt.

The secret to this type of yoga is the concentration of runners in its weak points. Strengthening our “Achilles heel” that is a physical defect or a feeling, a way of being we will find the right strength and energy needed to deal with our life in the best way. It is likely that all of this will seem strange at the beginning but you will see that with time you will feel good both physically and emotionally, and you will be happy to share this experience with your friends .