The gymnastics is performed with the purpose of correcting and obtain a correct posture. Through it we strengthen, stretch and relax the muscles giving it elasticity, which is not always you because of positions that you take daily. Let’s look at some exercises basic gymnastics and in particular we will see one for the back, one for the neck and one for the back .

Perform exercises in gymnastics proves to be very useful for your back and joints. Very often you decide to use it only to the onset of some physical problem, but it is very important to do some exercises to prevent any discomfort or pain. If we know we have a lot of positions that are not correct, it is good to play these practical exercises to improve the state of health of the neck, back and shoulders.


An exercise to stretch his back is to get on your back with your arms at your sides. Then you have to bend one leg and the opposite arm should approach the chest. At the same time you have to stretch the other arm upward. This position must be maintained for 15 seconds . In carrying out this exercise you should be careful in keeping the lower back perfectly adherent to the ground.

If you do take a very sedentary, sitting for a long time a day shoulders definitely be affected. An exercise for the back of the shoulders is to kneel with his head resting on the ground. Your arms should be behind your torso straight and hands together. At this point the arms must be brought towards each other very slowly and it must remain in this position for about 5 seconds.

The last exercise that we discuss about the neck. In order to strengthen the neck and to prevent a possible stiff neck or the neck, just turn your head holding the chin up . You have to rotate your head as if you wanted to look to the side and you must stop when the chin is in line with the shoulder . During this exercise, your shoulders should be relaxed and the back straight . Later, after returning to the original position, you can bend the head toward the shoulder as if you wanted to touch her ​​ear.

Carrying out these exercises in the comfort of your own home you can improve the functionality of the back , shoulders and neck preventing pain and discomfort. Just very little time to feel better and fit.