On 06.06.2013 the UV index was eight. Only with the right sunscreen can effectively protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

After days of continuous rain, which caused flooding in many parts of Germany, and devastating floods, finally, the sun shines again. At temperatures above twenty degrees and a daily sunshine duration of up to fourteen hours, a rising UV index is recorded. This is currently at level eight and thus very high. For a longer stay in the outdoors is a risk of contracting a sunburn. Therefore, choosing the right sunscreen is essential to protect the skin effectively.

From UV index eight sunblock with a high SPF is recommended

Sunscreen in the form of creams, lotions, gels or sprays also allow people with sensitive skin with an uninterrupted stay in the sun. Above all sun protection factor (SPF), UVA protection and water resistance must be considered. A good sunscreen certain requirements. So there must be a high light and broadband protection. The cream or spray must adhere well to the skin and have a good compatibility. In addition, water and sweat resistance should be given.


At a high beam intensity, as is the case with the current weather situation, known as a sunblock with an SPF from forty is recommended for sun-sensitive people. Boaters, hikers and climbers should in principle use a sunscreen with a high protection factor because the sunlight on the sea and in the mountains is particularly intense. Using a sunblock you can also avoid the creation or enlargement of unsightly dark spots. Especially for allergy products are offered with no added fragrance, preservatives and dyes. For sports enthusiasts there is light non-greasy gel and sprays.

Even inexpensive sunscreens cut off well in consumer tests

Anyone who wants to avoid a sunburn, direct sunlight and should avoid the possible Apply sunscreen generously. For a longer stay outdoors a single application of the sunscreen product is not enough. Especially bathers and water sports enthusiasts need to Reapply every two to three hours to achieve optimum skin protection. Should not forget the lips. These have only a thin skin and are particularly vulnerable to intense sunlight. Commercially special care sticks are available with a high sun protection factor, protect the delicate lip skin from drying out.

A good sunscreen should not be expensive otherwise. To cut-priced products from the drugstore often just as good as expensive as branded products. The “Foundation Product Testing” shall, annually, the latest creams, lotions and sprays against sunburn under the microscope. It has been shown in the past that the testers with more than half of the products tested had no complaints. The handle to expensive branded product can therefore save you need as price-conscious sun lovers.