You may have heard of riser recliner chairs – they are an excellent item of furniture, invaluable to anyone who has difficulty moving in to a sitting or standing position. Finding a riser recliner chair to suit you may seem a bit intimidating initially, but in actual fact, there is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to specifications. Here is an outline of just a few of the specialist features riser recliner companies have to offer.

It is really important that you get an opportunity to try your new chair out before you buy it, preferably for a substantial period of time. An hour or two should give you a good indicator of whether it is the right chair for you or not.

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When you sit in the chair, your legs should make a right angle with the floor, and you should be able to sit right at the back of the seat with your feet flat on the floor. You can get a foot support if you wish to get your legs up.

There is usually a range of other supports that you can choose from, including back rest, head rests (including adjustable head rests), wider side supports if you have a weak back, and wooden arm ends which can give more support for when you are standing up or sitting back down.

You can also choose how many motors there are in your riser recliner; the usual amount is one or two, but if you require a more flexible chair you can opt for more. There is also the tilt in space option, which means that when the chair is reclining, the whole seat tilts and not just the back of the chair. The benefit of this is that it can spread your weight more evenly, as well as removing the potential discomfort caused by the back rest moving separately to the seat.

As well as the mechanical aspects of the chair, you can also modify the aesthetic qualities to suit your needs and decor. Riser recliners are available in lots of different materials, including leather, and it is also possible to request waterproofed or water-resistant upholstery. With some companies it is also possible to match the material of your existing furniture!

These are just a few of the modifiable aspects of riser recliner chairs, and you can see that there is wide scope for flexibility.