Unilateral lifestyle and congestion often harms health. The knowledge about the interplay of body and mind can relieve.

The relationship between physical and mental health is still very often underestimated. It already says an old proverb: “A healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body”. Especially in our modern, fast-time, it is often not easy to stay calm and deal with stressful situations. Most of the concerns and issues to be taken to bed and rob us of sleep yet so necessary. This, in turn, that we feel the next morning tired and not well rested. If this is over a longer period shall pass, ask gradually more and more physical and ultimately psychological complaints.

Mind and body interact

Often, in addition to physical pain, such as back pain, also depression. If you know that, you know that you will be lost all motivation and drive, and you just feel the need for absolute quiet. Although you know that exercise and sport for you right now would be so helpful, you lack the energy to. This may at worst lead to muscle breakdown and your back problems are worsened.


Your body requires movement but your head calls for rest and sleep. A vicious circle from which escape is difficult. Some people creates no longer alone, and then the inevitable trip to the doctor. Talk first with your doctor about your problems or your symptoms. He will then decide if you feel you just a temporary “low”, or whether there may be a real disease. In this case he will refer you to a specialist or a specialist, who will then decide on further treatment and methods and administration of medications.

The consequences of permanent overload, treatment and prevention

The more advanced the damage to the physical and mental health, and the more a disease has already manifested, the more difficult the treatment. This is a lengthy process and can lead to absolute inability to work and retirement. Therefore it is important to counter in time. It must be distinguished. Between normal age wear or have impaired functioning, which usually can be resolved on a regular routine check-ups and screening tests by family physicians and specialists.

What you can do yourself, so it does not come to that?

Whether in private life or in the world of work – look out for yourself and your health. Intuitively, we usually know exactly what is good for us and where our load limits are. Unfortunately, today we hear all too rarely on our “gut feeling” and exceed these limits far too often. The requirements are getting higher and the constant battle for recognition makes many people sick. Diseases such as depression and burnout are growing. If we re-learn to perceive ourselves better, to listen even to the little warning signs our body, some of our problems would be solved more easily. Stay loose and relaxed, even in difficult situations, pay attention to healthy diet and adequate exercise. There are sometimes the simplest things and the little things in the world that make us healthy and happy!