For many of us, the years are often a problem, either because of the physical aspect, which includes gray hairs and wrinkles well-being, not having the same strength or agility as before; Or interior transformation where the priorities are different and the genius is very changing. Proof of this is growth hormone important for development in children and adolescents and key, in for anti aging in adults.

Physical activity

Although growth hormone, one of the main components involved in the development of cells and prevents their degeneration, is always in the body stimulating all the genes that produce growth at muscle level, it is not released in the same way in All people, factors such as age and physical development influence their production.

Physical activity is essential to obtain a greater release of growth hormone which allows synthesizing collagen, muscles and renewing cells in humans thus making exercise the best method of anti aging. Dr. Alejandro Sarmiento, scientific leader of Body tech explains the type of exercise that allows increasing growth hormone, especially for older people who over the years produce it in smaller quantities:

Work force

This type of exercise increases the release of growth hormone, which has an anabolic effect that allows the growth of the cell size and in some cases increases its reproduction, depending on the moment in which the individual is. When a person is adult, the effect on the muscle cell is exclusively on increasing its size. There is no specific strength exercise that releases more growth hormone this depends only on the intensity with which physical activity is performed, because the more the hormone releases the hormone.

  1. Rowing exercise back
  2. Squats or presses for thigh exercises.
  3. Leg Extension for buttocks with Pulley.

Cardiovascular work

It should be performed with a high intensity, otherwise, if moderate, the effect on the growth hormone is produced to a lesser extent. As with work of force, one must take into account the level of training of each individual. For a person to be considered advanced and able to work intensely must have at least one year of experience. If it is less than this period of time, the individual is in an intermediate level or beginner, therefore the requirement must increase gradually.