Puerperal the new mother should because of the lochia, and especially if she is breastfeeding, pay special attention to personal care and hygiene.

Most of the tips and recommendations for postpartum go in the direction that the mother comes back into shape quickly as possible after six to eight weeks into their old pants and dress size 36 or 38 and also fits the job soon takes off. Few first-time mothers, and people who have to pregnancy, birth and the time after any experience to know that the new mother needs in the first weeks after birth, conservation and recreation, but also special attention to personal care and hygiene should be observed. because a good successfully endured and easily extending birth does not mean that the mother right now is again fully operational.

What is meant by the puerperium?

With Postpartum refers to the first six to eight weeks after delivery. During this time, the body around and is recovering from the previous nine months of pregnancy. The puerperium is further divided into the early and the late postpartum period. As early postnatal refers to the first ten days after the birth. The period between the 11th and the 42nd Days after childbirth is called late puerperium. In the early postpartum, usually on the 2nd or 3 Days after delivery it comes to milk ejection. When women breastfeed, the milk flow is to the 3rd Week to meet the needs of the child. Caesarean section and epistolary scars heal. In late puerperium, the body established by the pregnancy or returns to the state before birth.


Care of the intimate body and genital area during the lochia

Takes about six to eight weeks and the lochia. Initially, it may be more severe than a menstrual period. The lochia takes off in the second week and usually then turns brownish-yellow, from the third week it is usually whitish and finally dried between the fourth and eighth week completely after birth. especially if women also had an epistolary tear during childbirth.

Women must during the period of lochia take no bath or go swimming. Even sex is taboo during the postpartum period. At least by doctors, it usually means that may occur during the postpartum period is not sexual intercourse. The internet address of advice that you may after two to three weeks to have sex, but only with condom. Spitz baths may be recommended with suitable curative additives. The best way to give advice here from a follow-up midwife.

Tampons should be during the time of the weekly flow due to the risk of infection can not be used. Here are the best bandages which should be changed as often as possible. The external genital area should be washed as practicable after each toilet with warm water. As irrigation, are also suitable specific sitz baths or special washes for the postpartum period. In no case may the genital area can be washed with soap. After rinsing the genital area is dried with a small soft towel, the best lands in the wash immediately or at least is used only for this area. The genital area can also blow-dry after rinsing. Especially when cure a perineal suture must still, one should be careful when drying, so that the wound does not back tears.

Care of the breast

Also the chest needed during the postpartum special care, especially if the mother breastfeeds. Before breastfeeding, hands should be thoroughly with soap every time, possibly even washed with a little aggressive hand sanitizer. Through small cracks in the warts that occur during suction, can quickly penetrate germs that cause the worst case a breast infection.

The breasts and nipples is best cleaned once a day with warm clean water. Soap or disinfectants are not part of the breasts and nipples. You should dry it gently with a soft cloth, which is used exclusively for the chest and once a day. Breast milk acts as a disinfectant. Therefore, one can quietly let dry a few breast milk remains after feeding at the breast or rub a little breast milk to breast and nipple. The chest should not constantly stuck in wet nursing pads and nursing bras. Especially at the beginning of lactation, when the breasts are very full and heavy and run out too, should not be tight fitting nursing bra can be used with nursing pads. The nursing pads should be clean and airy and contain no plastic wrap. After each feeding, they must be replaced.

Often the nipples just irritated at the beginning of lactation and are often sore. Sore nipples are often caused by incorrect application of the child to her breast while nursing. How to create a child with sucking properly, shows a aftercare midwife or lactation consultant. Another cause may be too narrow nursing bra or nursing pads often impersonated. Against sore nipples also help certain ointments or compresses. Here you can also get advice from a midwife or a lactation consultant.

Sport after childbirth

In the early postpartum new mothers should be spared any. With the pelvic floor exercises can and should, however, start already 24 hours after delivery. With the postnatal exercises starting at the earliest six to eight weeks after birth. During this time, the new mother must also pay attention to physical inactivity. Heavy physical work should avoid the new mother and no lift, which weighs more than the newborn. The rectos abdominal muscles must be trained until four months after the birth. If between the rectos abdominal muscles by getting wrong or heavy lifting immediately before and after the birth of a hole should be created, you can try by training the oblique abdominal muscles after the early postpartum to promote its closure.