The word ‘yoga’ in Sanskrit means union. While the intention is to make the body the willing servant of the mind, partner yoga takes this a step further with the union of two people. It doesn’t matter whether the participants are family, close friends, or complete strangers. Partner yoga is a tool for building better communication skills and intimacy in any type of relationship. The asanas and vinyasa are designed to nurture trust and enhance communication all within a framework of fun and enjoyment.

Along with presenting your partner with the free gift (exempt from tax as well) of support and encouragement, partner yoga enhances relationships through movement, posture, breath, contact and play. Here are some of the ways partner yoga can benefit your relationship:

Partner YogaCultivation of Support

When both participants are fully engaged in the asanas, they lean on each other to create the perfect postures, balance, and alignment. It takes undivided attention and focus. This is a powerful tool to sharpen your connection with each other, improve verbal and nonverbal communication, and to open yourselves to full faith in each other for support.

Shared Experience

Partner yoga is not about trading roles; it’s about giving and receiving. Size truly doesn’t matter, but intention does. Forget about big people picking up little people. Think about two different people creating a single unified practice. Two people move together as one being. This is an opportunity to create a shared moment.

Let Go

When one partner tries to dominate the posture, it can’t work. The best strategy is to just let go, listen, and adjust. You will find that the harder you try, the harder it becomes. The more you can let go, the easier it is. Just let go and let the experience happen.


Practicing partner yoga with your lover will bring you closer. It can challenge both of you and push you out of a rut and into new experience. It can and should be fun with a sense of letting go and not taking yourselves too seriously.


While learning to trust your partner, you strengthen your ability to trust yourself. Partner yoga demonstrates the wonder of our interdependence. When we venture forth to become vulnerable in the presence of another person, we empower ourselves to go deeper than otherwise possible and with less effort. It translates over into life in general. We find that we can accomplish more, with much more happiness and effortlessness when we trust each other.


Touch is also an essential part of partner yoga. Support and kinesthetic awareness focus the mind and enhance the body’s ability to perform, making it possible to go more deeply into the asana more easily. Though mutual contact, we use touch to increase our awareness of each other and to open ourselves to more intimate experience.


There is no giver or receiver in a partner yoga asana. Both participants are fully engaged in their own and each other’s experience, creating a perfect balance.